11-13 May 2018.
Old Truman Brewery,


BRITA are innovating hydration habits at Balance Festival with their new reusable Fill&Go Active bottles. Find them powering The Main Stage Collision Style Workouts and the Urban Tri with bottles for everyone taking part in the sessions.
Fitted with state-of-the-art BRITA filtration technology, the Fill&Go Active bottle makes it easier than ever to replenish anytime, anywhere. The clever system minimises waste whilst keeping water fresh and pure. It’s the perfect tool for health conscious individuals and what better place to find them than at Balance Festival?
Another Space
Another Space is a unique combination of varied, complementary class-based workouts, all synced to the best music, to take your body and mind somewhere new. Another Space will be bringing their Box HIIT class to Balance Festival.
Third Space
In our glorious, maddening city, your workout can be the difference between good day and a bad one. Third Space are one of London’s luxury health clubs; individual in style, bound by a common philosophy: to provide outstanding fitness spaces that members feel are their own.
Boom Cycle
BOOM Cycle specialises in dynamic classes in a friendly, high-energy and approachable environment. BOOM Cycle aims to empower the rider and provide support on their journey to fitness domination. A high energy, bike-based, music-focused fitness experience. Bike. Beats. BOOM!
Equinox are the future of fitness. An iconic flagship club in the heart of Kensington offers members credentialed coaches, state-of-the-art facilities and the opportunity to realise your infinite potential through tailored training and lifestyle management in and out of the club.
Boys of Yoga
Boys of Yoga are the uncelebrated minority. A project that believes in the strength and flexibility that yoga offers both on and off the mat. Once you move past the stereotype, it's pretty simple:  yoga is good for everyone, the benefits are undeniable.
Track Mafia
Track Mafia are a run club uniting like-minded souls in the search of madness. Targeting technique, intervals and pace, their trainers bring out the speed and energy in runners of every level.
Project Waterfall
A charitable initiative supporting clean drinking water projects in Africa.