11-13 May 2018.
Old Truman Brewery,

Choose your wave

Wave 1 - Zanna Van Dijk, Courtney Fearon and Shona Vertue
A full-body blast from the past. Join Zanna Van Dijk, Courtney Fearon and Shona Vertue as they lead a heart-pounder HIIT to some throwback beats - think old school RnB - with an incorporation of strength training to really fire up those muscles!
Wave 2 - Third Space
Give your body the ultra-shock treatment in this positively charged circuit class led by Third Space trainer Leo Savage. Move between a series of metabolic boosting exercise stations with short breaks and a few cardio “shocks” thrown in. Expect a range of exercises and equipment to work every inch of your body.
Wave 3 - Boom Cycle
Get ready for a high intensity total body BOOM that will target your strength, stability, mobility and power. Led by motivational misfit Anna Sinclair, and Hannah Frankson, this is an opportunity to challenge your willpower, push your limits and smash it as a team. We’re in this together!
Wave 4 – Another Space
Switch it up in style with a high-energy mix of speed, power and explosive exercises all using your body weight to build strength, tone and fire up your metabolism. Think fast and react with haste – this session will test your mind and muscles.
Wave 5 – Equinox
This is not a drill! The equinox Firestarter HIIT will use your body weight to burn through a pyramid of explosive cardio movements. Powered by a fierce playlist, there’s no other fitness experience like this.