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19 - 21 May 2023
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19 - 21 May 2023 / The Truman Brewery


17 April 2019

Is 2019 The Year You Kickstart A Career In Wellness? Here's How To Make It Happen

If you’re reading the Balance Journal, the chances are that you’re passionate about wellness. You’re likely to be a healthy eater, you probably enjoy keeping fit, you could be interested in well-tech, gut bacteria, or yoga. Fitness and wellness festivals are on your radar, and you generally immerse yourself in all-things wellness. But, what about your career? Where does your professional life fit into this wellness lifestyle?
02 April 2019

5 Ways To Enhance Your Senses in Austria 

Nothing stimulates the senses quite like the famously beautiful country of Austria. This all-year adventure destination offers an otherworldly field trip for the five senses - the chance to embark on pretty hikes, taste culinary delights, soak up the scent of indigenous hillside herbs, get back in touch with nature and listen as the mountains whisper. Here’s how to invigorate your senses on your next trip to this incredible country
01 April 2019

How 'Well' Are You?

With our days becoming fuller, faster paced and all-consuming - not to mention intensified by the likes of social media – it’s no wonder that Millennials rate their wellness lower than any other age group. According to our research1 into the Nation’s fitness and wellness habits, which used a five-point Likert scale to consider:  hours of sleep, sedentary hours, stress and anxiety levels, headspace, eating and drinking habits, time spent outside, physical activity, mental health and level of social satisfaction, Millennials scored just 26 out of a possible 45.
26 March 2019

5 Wellness Trends Consumers Can't Get Enough Of

Today there are thousands of different ways we can enhance our wellbeing, and what’s even better is that they’re being shaped by us, the consumer. Demanding that businesses provide credible and sustainable solutions to everything from loneliness and digital overload to optimal performance and chronic illness, we’re shaping what it means to be ‘well’ and forcing brands to rethink the way they engage with us and the wider world.                    With that in mind, here we explore 5 of the biggest wellness trends in the world right now… and how we are the driving force behind them.
25 March 2019

4 Sustainable Handbag Essentials To Pack for Balance Festival

As a sustainability advocate myself, my handbag is always fully loaded with reusable products so that in my day to day life I can make choices which support the planet. Balance Festival is leading the way for wellness festivals by having water refill stations throughout and offering their own reusable water bottles on site. However, the power is also in the hand of the consumer, so I encourage you to bring these essentials with you to the weekend to lessen your footprint!
12 March 2019

Are you Embracing Wellness as a Way of Life?

Just think, how many of your daily lifestyle choices are dictated by a newfound wellness philosophy? Conscious food shopping, sustainable fashion, devout fitness regimes, emotional-self exploration and serving avo on everything, have become some of the many staples in Londoners’ daily wellness grinds.  Wellness has become the new way of life for many of us. But as the wellness movement evolves, so, too, do our choices and fancies. Want to keep up? Here are the top 5 trends currently reshaping the wellness movement right now… 
11 February 2019

5 Ways To Love Yourself This Valentine's Day

Loving ourselves is one of the most empowering things we can do as human beings, but with the Valentine’s Day frenzy soon approaching, Tinder binges are already on the cards for many lonely hearts. By searching for love outside of ourselves, we can sometimes neglect our own self-nurturing; the kindness, compassion and gratitude we’re all capable of giving ourselves. Thankfully, through a few simple self-compassion practices, winning our own hearts back can prove to be pretty easy. Here’s 5 ways to show yourself some unconditional love this Valentine’s Day, no strings attached.
19 December 2018

3 Veggie Christmas Turkey Alternatives

It’s always a little awkward cooking up a Christmas feast when everybody has different requirements. So this year, how about bringing a creative meat-free dish to the table, that’s delicious enough to get the carnivores’ heads turning? Really, it is possible. Below, cast your hungry eyes onto three delicious meat-free Christmas turkey alternatives that will easily become the centrepiece on your feasting table. Get ready to bask in compliments to the chef and convert previously devout carnivores.
20 November 2018

In The Spotlight: Rebecca Veksler (SoL Cups Founder)

If you haven’t already found your very own reusable coffee cup this season, we’ve got just the one for you.  Put some SOL into your morning coffee, with a hand-blown resuable glass cup by SoL Cups. Not only do they keep your coffee warm and tasting delicious, but they genuinely feel like they belong in your hand! We caught up with Founder Rebecca Veksler to find out how SoL Cups are set to set to end waste and embrace taste.
05 November 2018

The 9 Best Boutique Workouts in London

We are back. London’s epicenter of boutique fitness, Balance Festival, returns to unite all the city’s very best boutique studios under one roof. Join the UK’s biggest celebration of the wellness movement, where you can test-drive bespoke innovative workouts, sweat it out with leading trainers and explore the latest fitness trends, all for a fraction of the cost! Think of it like speed dating for fitness. For 2019, we proudly present our killer boutique studio line-up, comprised of 9 of London’s very best fitness cohorts. Get to know each studio’s personal mission, learn from our trusted ambassadors and start planning your fitness goals for Balance Festival 2019, right here, right now!
10 October 2018

Let Go of Negative Thought Patterns with Neuroplasticity

Brains. The fleshy lumps of pink matter comically depicted in cartoons, are in fact made up of highly complex circuits, known as neural pathways. Neural pathways are the superhighways of nerve cells that transmit messages (1).  The more times electrical messages journey down the same beaten tracks, the more solid and shaped into our existence they become. In then context of negative habits, they are the bridleways to our self-sabotaging impulses. Thankfully neuroplasticity has a solution to this.
10 October 2018

In The Spotlight: Natasha Devon

A nation becoming much more aware of Mental Health needs somebody like Natasha Devon at its helm, and thankfully she's right there. The cutting-edge Mental Health activist is spreading her message nation-wide on the importance of Mental Health care in the workplace, with her recent 'Where's Your Head At' campaign taken to No.10. She explains that 56% of the public admit to having experienced a mental health problem, however 90% feel there is still a taboo around mental health. Natasha is already changing this. Find out how!
08 August 2018

In The Spotlight: Seedlip Founder Ben Branson

Are non-alcoholic drinks actually becoming a thing? They are now. Taking over the world with the first ever no & low alcohol cocktail bar, N o l o, we caught up with the Founder of Seedlip to find out how his delicious, herbaceous botanical brew managed to steal the hearts of a boozing nation. Find out how you can ditch the hangovers for good, by lacing your drinks with this botanical flavour heaven. Read the full interview with Ben below.
23 July 2018

Recipes for a Plant-Based Summer on The Grill

There’s a common misconception that veg doesn’t have a real place on the barbie. When in fact, grilled vegetables can be some of the tastiest and most vibrant summer bites out there.   Scrap the meaty feast and get your veg on with inspiration from some of our fully-fledged foodies from the People of Balance. Show your guests how it’s done the balanced way, with everything from Miso Aubergine, to Harissa Cauliflower Steaks and Sri-Lankan-Inspired Pulled BBQ Jackfruit. 
05 July 2018

In The Spotlight: The School of Life

Paving the way to a more emotionally intelligent London, The School of Life shares its wise teachings to help individuals live a more mindful and conscious existence. Addressing common issues on how to find fulfilling work, master the art of relationships, find inner calm and understand the world we live in, The School of Life delivers workshops, talks and creates engaging content to support curious individuals on their journey. We caught up with Sarah from The School of Life to talk emotions – What are emotions? How can they serve us better?
02 July 2018

How To Better Understand Your Emotions

Opening up the dialogue around our emotions is becoming much more commonplace – could the stiff British upper lip, finally, be getting put to bed? In few (and progressively more) workplaces, online communities and on social media, human emotions are being explored and embraced with open-minds, rather than access denied.   Emotions don’t make us weak; they make us stronger – intuitive, empathetic and connected to the world that surrounds us. But before we can harness our emotional uniqueness and channel its strengths, we must first understand our own inner workings. Here’s how you can reveal, record, and dig deeper into the core of your own emotional understanding.
25 June 2018

Zero Waste Cauliflower Leaf and Floret Kimchi

Kimchi is powerful stuff and an acquired taste, however it is certainly a taste worth acquiring... When fermented, kimchi contains probiotics and good bacteria that support a good gut, in turn keeping our immune system in check. It is utterly delicious served as a condiment, fried with rice, in an omelette or added to a broth to give it a savoury kick. In this recipe I use a little hijiki seaweed instead of fish sauce to give the kimchi a taste of the sea.
21 June 2018

How To Embrace Zero-Waste in The City: Planet-Saving Recipes

Fact of the day: wonky carrots taste equally as good as straight ones - groundbreaking, right? It seems London’s slowly changing bad habits and taking pigeon steps to the root of its food waste problem, thanks to a mindful horde of green urbanites. Could London become the utopian zero waste city we all dream of? From embracing wonky veg, to conscious cooking and using stumps, bumps, skins and all, here’s how you can join the zero waste movement from your own home. Listen up to inspiration from the experts…
08 June 2018

Conscious Minds Creating Waves in the Plastic-Free Movement

Today it’s World Ocean’s Day, so we’re talking plastic. Right now an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our ocean every year, a potential 5 trillion pieces are currently afloat, and we’re now seeing daunting evidence of its arrival in the remote oceans of Antarctica. Saving our oceans starts at home. With inspirational brands, forward-thinking products and conscious minds paving the waterway, it’s time to stop biting nails and start making plastic-free waves today.
16 May 2018

5 Daily Self-Love Rituals

They say that the most important relationship you have in your life is the one that you have with yourself, and I couldn’t agree more. Self-love is one of the most powerful emotions you will ever experience and, contrary to popular belief has nothing to do with being selfish, conceited or thinking that you are better than anyone else.   We need to FIND the time to practise self-love so that we can re-connect with ourselves and live a life that truly shines; a life where we keep growing, learning and feeling good about ourselves a little more every day.
18 April 2018

Scaling a Global Wellness Festival: With Ludovic Rossignol-Isanovic

Returning to London in May for its second year, Balance Festival is upping the ante as it continues on its quest to connect health-conscious consumers and industry professionals with the brands shaping the future of the wellness industry. Expected to welcome an audience of 16,000, through the sharing of credible and evidence-based knowledge, the event “has the power to catalyse incredible growth across food, fitness, wellness and travel, ultimately elevating the standards of the industry as a whole,” argues Founder Ludovic Rossignol-Isanovic. And the entrepreneur, who set out to create the world’s most exhilarating fitness and wellness festival, believes it can do so on a global scale.
06 March 2018

Electrolyse your Exercise: Replenish your body with the right hydration for you

Hydration is essential for an active lifestyle. Why is that? Because up to 70% of our body weight is made up of water and it is essential to maintaining normal physical and cognitive functions. When we are hydrated we feel at our best: our muscles, heart and the brain work more efficiently. Even mild dehydration can have negative effects on wellbeing.   So, what happens during exercise? Our muscles are working, the heart is pumping, our metabolism is producing energy. Sound familiar? As a result, our body temperature rises. We sweat to cool ourselves down which of course relies on a good supply of fluid – but we don’t just sweat water, we lose electrolytes (minerals) too. Dehydration is not just about volume of water we lose but also the imbalance of these electrolytes.
05 March 2018

‘Donʼt Fit in, Stand Out’ – 3 Steps to Become a Stand Out Start-up

Most people rolled their eyes when I said I wanted to start a nutrition company - ‘It’s such a crowded space’, they said. I agreed. I studied my MBA shortly after Kim and Maubourne released their seminal book ‘Blue Ocean Strategyʼ. It was required course reading. In this book, it is argued that the best businesses look for uncontested spaces, blue oceans. These blue ocean businesses create something new and different; they unlock new demand and make the competition irrelevant. The idea of making competition irrelevant resonated with me. So, for me, the crowded space was part of the attraction. It set us up for many challenges: How could we find the blue ocean? In what way would we stand out from the crowd? The framework we used to meet these challenges was based on three simple foundations.
09 February 2018

Why I'm Loving Myself This Valentines: 3 Steps To Self-Love

Self-love is a topic I am extremely passionate about. Through life we all go on our own individual journeys to self-acceptance and hopefully, self-love. It is important to remember just that, it is a journey. It isn't an overnight transformation where one day you wake up thinking you're the bees-knees. It takes times, effort and consistency; but I promise you it is so worth it. Self-love manifests as self-belief and with self-belief you can conquer the world.

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