5 Gadgets To Improve Your Fitness

By Tameka Small
Aug 17, 2016
5 Gadgets To Improve Your Fitness
Technology is becoming more and more intertwined with our everyday lives, so it's no surprise it would cross over into our fitness routines too.  Keeping fit and healthy can be quite challenging, so anything that helps you stay on top of your goals should be a very welcome addition to your fitness routine.

Here are my 5 favourite fitness gadgets to help keep you on track:

Liforme have created a special yoga mat which uses their specially designed AlignForMe system. These yoga mats really stand out from traditional ones because of their patterned design, which is used to help yogis practise with better alignment as you move through different postures. The mat uses their special GripForMe material which they claim is the grippiest Yoga mat material currently available on Earth. It’s also eco-friendly and made from rubber which is sustainably sourced.

If you’re into a post workout protein shake, the makers of Promixx have designed a special mixing bottle for powdered protein and nutritional supplements to be mixed with water. These ultra-high torque battery powered protein shakers help improve the consistency of your shake using a vortex in the bottle created by their X Blades. The motor can be detached and a rechargeable version of the shaker is available.

Sense with Sleep Pill
Sleep is a very underrated but vital part of your health and fitness routine as it gives your body that time to rest and recover, as well as keeping all your hormones regulated. There are a number of different sleep monitor apps and devices currently on the market. Hello’s Sense with Sleep Pill has been designed to track your sleep pattern, light, sound and temperature of your room in order to make suggestions to help you improve your sleep. The Sense is a small, tennis ball sized device, which sits on your bedside table, and the Sleep Pill is a smaller devise the size of a quarter dollar, which sits on your pillow. Both devices work together to capture the information that you need to get you sleeping better.

Fitbit Blaze
The Fitbit Blaze smart fitness watch can help motivate and keep you on track with its built-in heart rate monitor, connected GPS and on screen workouts. The device records daily activity as well as running, cycling, cross training and a number of different workouts. A great feature is its SmartTrackTM which automatically recognises selected activities and records them on the FitBit app. The watch also has a sleep tracker and conveniently acts as a music control from your mobile.

N+TC AppNike + Training Club App
Nike have recently relaunched their Nike+ Training Club app which is a fitness training app with over 100 workouts from global athletes and Nike Trainers. Each workout has audio and video instructions making it straightforward and easy to follow. An important feature is that you can search workouts by level of difficulty and also create your own personalised training plan. The app also connects with Nike + Running app to keep track of all your running and training activities. Available on iPhone and Android.


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