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13 December 2016
How to Find Your Flow at Home
How to build a yoga practice at home
If you’re anything like me, living in London and trying to juggle work and play, then chances are you’re a busy person. There are things that seem to always get in the way of getting to the studio, it’s just part of living in the western world. As much as we like to tell ourselves ‘we need to make time,’ sometimes it just doesn’t happen. So finding a home yoga practice can be a really great way to ensure you get to the mat daily.
For some of us, morning times are best, and for others evenings are better. But regardless of the time, finding the space to get a short 20 minutes of movement or a full hour of power is excellent.
Practising at home can be daunting for some. You may find yourself thinking, 'what do I do? Am I doing it right? Have I done enough? Should I do it the same every day or something different?' The answer is very simple for home practice. Move the body in a way that feels good for you. But if you need a few more details here are a few tips to get started:

Practice alone

Set a timer, say 20 minutes, and gently move the body starting with easy and simple poses like child pose, table top and downward facing dog. If you have a regular practice, move your way through sun salutations or easy flows you may know or remember from class.

Practice Online

There are lots of online platforms and YouTube videos that will guide you through a home practice. Some as short as 10-20 minute easy flows and tutorials, to full 60-75 minute classes and workshops.

The best advice is to find someone or a platform that you actually enjoy, and then just do it over and over again. When you’re at home alone, it’s easy to get distracted, so the best way to stick to it is to ensure that you find pleasure in it.
You can practice with me online through a subscription based platform Udaya for 20 minute flows and 60 minute classes, or other popular platforms you may hear about are Yogaglo, Cody App, Grokker.
For free classes and short videos, check out Boys of Yoga for 5 minute breakdowns and About the Asana Tips and Techniques, as well as loads of great online videos and tutorials. A local favourite of mine is Triyoga’s Celest Pereira’s Youtube channel

Practice a Sequence

If you’re a yogi that likes a set sequence or routine but you don’t really know what you’re doing, that’s totally cool, just ask a teacher! What’s amazing about the London yoga community and in fact most yoga teachers and communities around the world, is that teachers really want you to do more yoga.
So next time you’re in a class, ask the teacher to write down a short home sequence for you to do on your own. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that almost every teacher will say YES to helping you out.
And if in the rare instance they do say no, drop me an email, I’ll send you one!

As always drop me a line to chat about anything, come find me in class or follow the fun online:

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