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01 December 2016
The Fashion Hint List
You already know you want activewear for Christmas - now find out how to hint it to your loved ones
All we want for Christmas this year is…. fresh, new activewear. Maybe we are biased, but it’s the perfect gift to inspire more motivation to move and embrace a positively-glowing new year.

To inspire you and your loved ones to give the gift of fit, we’ve put together a comprehensive activewear wishlist that you can subtly hint at to ensure a prettily-wrapped present resembling the likes of activewear will be under the tree come December 25.



Some Mums’ plan their gift-list in July, then some don’t even bother because they know all too well you’ll be sending a message or email listing out all of the goodness you’re lusting after this year. So, to make it easy, why not just send her a link to the hot new styles right here, right now. Featuring collections from VARLEY to the perfect Lorna Jane sports bra, Mum will be sure to get it right this time. Who knows, she might find something for herself which she deserves so much!

Also while she’s at it, she can pick up perfect stocking fillers for the cousins (and you of course). The 2017 MNB Diary by Lorna Jane, or the Hey Girl! Water Bottle are the perfect extra something somethings.



Are you always whinging to Dad that you’re tired, exhausted, over-worked? Perhaps this is his chance to ignite a little spark in you for a shiny new twenty seventeen. Enter Equi London - the antidote to modern living and the holy grail of supplements that will become your once-daily wonder helping you feel alert and lively. Just email him this link for more info; we’re sure he’d love to help you start twenty seventeen on the right foot! 


You can get away with more luxurious gift giving from your significant other, so don’t hold back - show em’ our latest Instagram posts to get inspired - tip, you can hint that you can “Shop the Active in Style” Insta page straight from the post, making it super easy for them to find and buy what you want. All you need to do now is start tagging them in for that ever so subtle hint! We’ve put together some hints that could just sway them.

“ I neeeeeeed to get workout ready - just saying”



Brothers can be pretty tight when it comes to gift giving, which is always a bit awkward when you’ve gone above and beyond in handpicking a cool t-shirt, then you go to open your gift and it’s hand cream. Like, come on bro, more effort please. This year, you can subtly hint what you really want by showing him that Active in Style are about to launch an Active Man site to get him interested. Then while you’re at it you can show him a few things you have your eye on that will be well within in his price range.



This one’s easy, let’s buy each other activewear for christmas. Gift cards mean you can really pick out what you want, and vice versa. Wrap it up in a cute card, and you’re good to go. Now you just need to agree on the same value. It’s like buying yourself a gift, but different.



Let’s face it, no matter how much you hint sometimes, you just don’t get what you really wanted. So treat yourself this year to something from yours truly. Hit those 2017 goals out of the ballpark in a chic new outfit. You’ve earnt it!

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