Why You Should Make Your New Year's Resolutions Now

By Tameka Small
Dec 15, 2016
Why You Should Make Your New Year's Resolutions Now
When setting New Year's resolutions, why would you wait?

With Christmas just around the corner and the New Year quickly approaching, it’s easy to get sucked into the ‘Christmas spirit’ of a nearly month long binge of mince pies, chocolates and Prosecco. After that comes the guilt and need to make good with your New Year’s resolutions. A UK survey carried out by YouGov, found that 32% of responders suggested that their resolutions were broken by the end of January and only 10% stating that they never tended to break it. With this bleak failure rate, it may be time to find a new approach.

What are we hoping for?

Although starting afresh and breaking old habits makes sense to begin at the start of the year, maybe there’s an aspect of change you want to see in your life that you could implement now? At this time of year maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine can be challenging with over a third of women and over a quarter of men in 2015 in the UK opting to eat healthier for the new year. So don’t wait, the key is to be consistent and practice moderation even in the face of the festive season of overindulging, as temptations will always be there.  

Sticking to your early resolutions could help by changing your perspective of the New Year. Viewing January as an achievement milestone on your journey will ensure you the hit the ground running at the start of the year. Once you show focus through these challenging times of year, the rest will be far easier.  

Are you wishing for the wrong things?

It seems like a knee jerk reaction when asked about our resolutions we say, quit smoking, exercise more, eat healthier or spend more time with family, which is all great, but we need to make sure we aren’t setting ourselves up for failure. Keep it real with the expectations you have and the effort we are willing to put in. Creating a plan is extremely important and often missed. A plan could be breaking big goals into manageable steps spread throughout the year. Being absolutely clear, concise and realistic is vital too, as the more detailed our resolutions, especially for improving aspects of our lives, the less likely we are to abandon them.  

Think Now

We all procrastinate and hold things off until later, but honouring the present time by making use of it could see you creating new positive habits to supercharge your 2016 and kick start your 2017. A big tip is to seek balance, moderation and a sustainable drive in any endeavour you make for self improvement and before you know it you’ll be well on your way.

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