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27 July 2016
A Guide to Healthy Travelling
Having just come back from a two-week trip to Australia, I am feeling particularly inspired to talk about how to stay healthy when travelling. Going on holiday doesn’t have to mean you fall off the fitness bandwagon completely.

Follow my tips to have a balanced holiday and come back happier and healthier than ever!

1. Pack wisely
Travelling can often leave you in a pinch with a rumbling stomach and very few healthy options available. That’s why I like to pack a selection of healthy snacks such as natural protein bars or homemade trail mix to take away with me. I also like to make sure I’ve got some natural protein powders from whey with me ready to mix into yoghurt or add to water for a quick protein fix.
2. Eat consciously
It is tempting when you’re travelling to throw your healthy eating habits out the window. It is perfectly ok to relax, but you also need to remember to look after your body and not let all your hard work go to waste. Instead of eating everything in sight, I suggest being mindful of your eating. If you’re spending all day laying on a sun lounger, you probably don’t need to be eating as much as someone on a hiking holiday. Adapt your portion sizes according to your activity levels.
3. Beware of buffets
If you’re anything like me, buffets are dangerous places. I want to try everything! I usually give in to temptation, but I make sure I use smaller plates to avoid overeating. Instinctively we want to fill our plates to the brim, so big plates can lead to excessive portions. Put that third scoop of macaroni cheese down! ;)

4. Watch your alcohol intake
Alcoholic drinks can contain a lot of unexpected calories. Cocktails are often the biggest culprits, with many totaling over 300 calories per glass. Try switching these for lighter options such as clear spirits with soda or tonic water. Make sure you stay hydrated by alternating drinks with glasses of water too - no one wants to waste time being hungover while on holiday.
5. Load up on greens
We often forget about micronutrients when we are travelling, and end up stocking up on beige foods. Instead, try to fill half of your plate with salad or veggies if you can. This will ensure you get a full range of vitamins and minerals, and will keep you feeling energised and healthy.
6. Do your research
Look into healthy cafes and restaurants in the area you are travelling to. You may be surprised how many balanced options are available in cities or larger towns. Don’t forget to pop into local supermarkets and shops too, they often have a selection of fresh and seasonal local health foods.
7. Explore on foot
By far my favourite way to explore a new city is on foot or by bike. Not only does it allow you to be out in the fresh air, it keeps you active and enables you to see things you may have missed on buses or trains.

8. Stay active
Try to choose more active excursions or activities, such as surfing, kayaking or bike trips. These keep you moving without you even realising it, while letting you have a bunch of fun with your travel companions.
9. Gym it
A surprising amount of hotels have their own gyms or “fitness rooms”. These can range from the very basic through to a fitness freak’s heaven! You can also explore the gyms and fitness studios in the local area. One of my favourite ways to discover a new culture is by learning their fitness habits. I’ve come across some incredible fitness studios on my travels and learnt from many inspirational instructors.
10. Relax
This is by far the most important tip. Of course I am going to recommend trying to stay fairly on track for the benefit of your physical health, however I think it is also hugely beneficial for your mental wellbeing to give yourself a break. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself to eat perfectly and train every single day, you’re on holiday!

Allow yourself a few indulgent meals, a few cocktails and a few lazy days too. You deserve it.

Have a lovely holiday! Stay balanced,
Zanna x

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