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HIIT Explained
High intensity interval training is a type of training where you deliver short bursts of all-out effort doing a certain exercise, followed by a recovery period. This sequence is then repeated over a set time.

The performed exercise could be rowing, cycling, burpees, press ups — there's so much variety. An example could be sprints using 1:1 interval ratio meaning that you sprint for 30 seconds and then recover for 30 seconds.

The exercise along with the amount of time spent going all-out and recovering can be altered to allow for progression and regression of intensity to suit the individual. There's such a huge range of different exercises and interval times you can perform HIIT, which helps keep workouts fresh and the body always guessing.

The benefits
The huge all-out effort you perform during HIIT intervals helps cut the overall workout time down, where sessions can be as short as 20 minutes, making it popular for busy people or those who want to supercharge their training program.

Even with this shorter training time, you can still reap huge benefits as the body's aerobic and anaerobic capacity is increased.

HIIT’s also proven to be effective in improving abdominal fat and bodyweight while maintaining muscle mass (according to the American College of Sports Medicine, 2014). Studies have also found that up to an additional 15% of the calories that were burnt in the session, were burnt in the 48 hours after (LaForgia, Withers and Gore, 2006). This effect is known as the EPOC — excess post exercise oxygen consumption — were you continue to burn fat long after the workout!
From personal experience it’s a really effective training tool for training outside that cosy comfort zone. Knowing that you only have that short time to give your all, you're probably more likely to keep more focused and perform at a higher intensity than if you were to do otherwise.

How often?
HIIT is a great way to compliment your existing training program. However, because of its intense nature it may not be advisable to do everyday, but keeping it to 2-3 times a week may help reduce the risk of injury. If you're completely new to fitness or have any cardiovascular or medical issues that could be affected, it's advisable to seek medical clearance first.   
Where to get your HIIT fix?

HIIT has been such a phenomena in the health and fitness industry, where many gym classes and boutique fitness studios seamlessly incorporate it within their sessions. However it’s something that you can do at home, in the park or at the gym. It’s extremely accessible and easy for people to use in their fitness routine even with little or no equipment. Most of the sessions I teach in London have some form of high intensity intervals in them. Check them, and other places to get your HIIT fix out below.


Classes taught by Tameka 

Nike+ Training Club
What: Join Tameka for this capoeira inspired NTC that’ll push you to achieve your next level fitness goals to get lean, toned and strong.
Where: North
The damage: FREE

What: The Ultimate Workout is the ultimate cardio and strength interval workout designed to work every inch of your body and maximise your post workout caloric expenditure.
Where: West
The damage: Membership only
Psycle London
What: Whether you love rock, hiphop or pop there's a playlist to suit everyone at Psycle London, where riding to the beat is the name of the game.
Where: West & East
The damage: £20/class

Recommended by Balance Festival

Barry's Bootcamp
What: Burn up to 1,000 calories in just one hour, improve your cardiovascular system and build muscle in Barry's world-famous, body shocking, music-pumping classes. 
Where: East & Central 
The damage: £20/class 

BOOM Cycle
What: ​A high energy, bike-based, music focussed fitness experience that aims to empower the rider.
Where: West
The damage: £16/class

What: A combination of heavy bag boxing routines with functional strength training in a Fight Club meets Nightclub environment.  
Where: South West
The damage: £20/class 

Core Collective
What: Core Collective's Velocity class offers 45 minutes of high-intensity, athletic interval training, with fitness, function and flexibility at its core. 
Where: West
The damage: £28/class 

Another Space
What: Take part in a one hour, high-energy workout using punchbags. Fire your metabolism, tone, and strengthen your frame whist burning maximum calories.
Where: West
The damage: £20/class 

What: Mind and body training meet at Ethos, where you can choose from the Signture class —a unique combination of 20 mins cardio, 20 mins core and 20 mins yoga — or the Military Fitness class, 'the most efficient metabolic workout there is in just half an hour.'
Where: East
The damage: Membership only

What: From feel-good, energetic Beyonce dance classes to high-intensity, Drum & Bass fuelled boxing, Frame has everything covered. 
Where: North, West, South West & East 
The damage: From £12/class

What: Heartcore's highly-effective 55-minute classes in Dynamic Pilates, High-Intensity TRX and Barre deliver optimal results that sculpt your physique.
Where: West, North West, South West & East
The damage: £27/class 

What: The gym for people who hate gyms, 1Rebel's engineered layouts inspire and motivate. Try ReShape, a group-training experience designed to condition and resculpt, or Rumble, a cardio boxing and martial arts battle that's full of sound and energy.
Where: East
The damage: £20/class

Absolute Pilates
What: Dynamic Reformer Pilates is a machine-based, core conditioning class designed to progressively work muscle groups to the core, burn optimum calories as well as lengthen and strengthen muscle fibers.
Where: South West
The damage: Membership only

What: A challenging class that promises to give super quick results, HIITcore combines traditional barrecore moves with high-intensty interval training.
Where:  South West, West, North West, 
The damage: £28/class 
What: A dedicated outdoor fitness venue, BaseFit specialises in strength and conditioning as well as olympic lifting and HIIT sessions based on sports that are currently in season.
Where: East
The damage: £65 for 6 classes

Bootcamp Pilates
What: Using an imaginative range of equipment from Bulgarian bags, kettlebells and suspension ropes to power bands and wall balls, Bootcamp Pilates' classes are small and welcome all levels.
Where: West, East & South West
The damage: From £14/class 
BOXR Bootcamp
De-stress whilst working out in North London's boutique studio BOXR Bootcamp, which offers a fusion of high-intensity circuit training and boxing.
Where: North
The damage: £10/class 

Gym Box

What: Gym Box describes its classes as 'sweat-fests designed to burn, tone, build and buff in the most seriously creative way possible. Leotards, laser lights and DJs a given.' 

Where: Everywhere
The damage: Membership only

London Fields Fitness
What: 'Just about the friendliest workout space imaginable, with a diverse range of clients including local creatives, young families and a sprinkling of celebs,' says Time Out London.

Where: East

The damage: Membership only

The Balance Festival HIIT Map

If all that talk of HIIT's left you longing for a holiday then you're in luck. In her next article, Tameka will be taking us on a surfcation, so stayed tuned!

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