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01 November 2016
The Rise of Boxing in London
More and more classes are incorporating boxing into their HIIT workout - but is the trend here to stay?
We can’t deny that HIIT classes continue to grow in popularity and it’s clear why. They’re quick, they’re functional, they burn calories and they build strength. Boutique fitness studios in London are wholeheartedly embracing the movement with HIIT classes on offer all around the capital, but some pack more punch than others. We chat to Mila Lazar from Another_Space and Louis Rennocks, founder of The Boxx Method to find out why you should be adding boxing to your HIIT workout.

Boxing is for everyone

You no longer need to feel intimidated walking into a sweaty gym of hardcore boxers. “When I was younger I used to watch all the big fighters, like Tyson, Eubank and Prince Naseem and they always looked in amazing shape. I wanted that, so I started to teach myself how to box because I wasn’t confident enough to walk into a boxing gym. The introduction of boutique boxing studios has reduced the intimidation factor surrounding boxing for men and women, therefore allowing more and more people to give it a go,” says Louis.

Taking it to the next level

If you’re a HIIT regular, you know that after 20 minutes you’ll already be dripping with sweat and feeling the burn. But boxing takes you even further. “We know HIIT is a great way to quickly burn the calories in a short period of time and achieve great results, however I felt that something was missing. Could I bring in an element of boxing to take it to another level?,” says HIIT_Space workout designer Mila Lazar. Anyone who has tried a HIIT_Space workout can attest to the addition of boxing principles adding an extra element of speed and power to an already challenging workout.

The physical benefits

So you're getting sweaty, but is it doing you any good? “High intensity interval training is very effective in increasing cardiovascular health and the production of the human growth hormone, which encourages the body to build lean muscle mass that causes a metabolic increase. Other benefits include aerobic and anaerobic fitness, lowering blood pressure, improved insulin sensitivity and cholesterol profiles, reducing abdominal fat and body weight while maintaining muscle mass,” says Mila. But when boxing is added, the benefits don’t stop there.
Beat the stress

Let your new boxing habit kick your anxiety to the curb. “Exercise in general is great for stress but with boxing when you’re throwing those combos you can't think of anything else. Whether you are shadowboxing or doing bag/pad work you can simply get in the zone and forget about your worries,” says Louis. 

That feel good feeling

Still wondering whether or not to try boxing? Mila says it’s a feeling you can’t beat: “With the gloves on, fighting music playing, we create a very emotive environment which helps our customers push to their maximum. It’s a great feeling smashing the week’s stress into the punch bag. They love it!”
Where to start

“In London we are fortunate to have a wealth of different studios, and they have done well to stamp their own personality into each. My advice would be try a few and see which one works for you best. Like the studios, the best trainers imprint their own personalities to their classes and it's about finding the one which suits your goals and your style, says Mila.

And if your schedule doesn’t allow you to take time out to go to a studio, Louis has the solution: “Like many others, I am super busy juggling everything so I try to get in a BoxxMethod workout when I can. BoxxMethod is a workout series that I have spent this year developing. It is a workout for time poor people who don’t always have time to go to a studio or the gym but don’t want to compromise on the effectiveness of their workout.”

Another_Space will be bringing their Box HIIT classes to Balance Festival, led by Courtney Fearon and Jamie-Ray Hartshorne. The 20 minute taster sessions are a perfect opportunity to try the class in a fun and supportive environment. Book now.

Box HIIT classes in London

What: Take part in a one hour, high-energy workout using punchbags. Fire your metabolism, tone, and strengthen your frame whilst burning maximum calories.
Where: West
The damage: £20/class 

What: A combination of heavy bag boxing routines with functional strength training in a Fight Club meets Nightclub environment.  
Where: South West
The damage: £20/class 

What: The gym for people who hate gyms, 1Rebel's Rumble class is a cardio boxing and martial arts battle that's full of sound and energy.
Where: East
The damage: £20/class

BOXR Bootcamp
What: De-stress whilst working out in North London's boutique studio BOXR Bootcamp, which offers a fusion of high-intensity circuit training and boxing.
Where: North
The damage: £16/class 

Gym Box
What: Gym Box Fitboxing is a sweaty boxing class focusing on your cardio fitness rather than boxing technique. Expect boxing drills to improve your overall fitness and stamina.
Where: Everywhere
The damage: Membership only

Third Space
What: Box Fit class involves Tae-Bo style boxing with cardio moves thrown in and push ups and squats to tone. An intense and challenging fat burner.
Where: Central
The damage: Membership only

What: "Light's Out' is Equinox's boxing and martial arts workout. Deisgned to help you learn the basics of boxing and improve your overall skill level. 
Where: West
The damage: Membership only

What: The BLOK Box & Bell class box will shuttle you between a cardio boxing workout on the bags, and dynamic kettlebell work on the floor to build a strong and stable core.
Where: East
The damage: £14/class

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