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26 October 2016
10 Warming Recipes for Autumn
Some of London's top food bloggers share with us their best autumn recipes
Today, I’m sharing a collection of autumnal dishes from the U.K.’s hottest food, wellness and lifestyle bloggers. Fortunately, there is no shortage from these mavens of healthy cuisine. While I love developing recipes during all seasons, it can be refreshing to move over from the fresh green salads of the summer into warmer, cozier fare.
Right now, I’m all about pumpkin, celeriac, wild mushrooms and warming spices, which I’ve been simmering, roasting and baking for super comforting dinners. Naturally, the sweet dishes have the same components as summer berries turn into autumnal apples and pears perfectly paired with cinnamon. Oh, and don’t forget about chocolate chip cookies. We’re keeping it healthy, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the best part of the holidays for those of you with a sweet tooth.
Roasted Squash & Pine Nut Quinoa


This first dish is a nourishing one-bowl masterpiece from Deliciously Ella. It has a little Mexican flavour from coriander and fresh squeezed lime. Ella tops off this base of roasted butternut squash, veggies and quinoa with her homemade avocado cream and some pine nuts, to finish things off on a strong note. It’s gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan-friendly.

Easy Peasy Pumpkin & Chicken Curry

Fast, easy and cosy? These are the things I value in a good recipe, therefore, my pumpkin chicken curry was born. It’s the quintessential fail-proof, can’t-be-bothered, I-feel-like-comfort food recipe to keep on hand for those rushed weeknight dinners when you need something healthy on the table STAT. With plenty of winter squash around, this is fabulous autumnal dish. Get the recipe on the Eat Drink Paleo blog.
Maple Horseradish Roasted Salmon with Beetroot & Feta Crush

Autumn brings on a slew of tasty produce, but it’s easy to get caught up in pumpkin and forget about the glorious beetroot. This dish is brought to life with maple syrup, feta and horseradish with a healthy dose of vitamin A and K from kale which comes in abundance in time for the cooler weather. Roasted salmon pairs wonderfully with loads of omega-3 fatty acids to keep your skin healthy through the dry months.  You can get the recipe from Dale Pinnock.
The Ultimate Gluten-Free Choc Chip Cookies

Madeleine Shaw has definitely mastered chocolate chip cookies, even if they’re gluten-free… nobody will know! These morsels are the perfect way to indulge your sweet tooth as they’re made with good-for-you buckwheat flour. It’s high in manganese, cooper, magnesium, and fibre, and it’s low on the GI scale so you can expect less of a blood sugar blow. Get the full recipe from Madeleine Shaw.
Baked Egg & Sweet Potato

One of my favourite ways to cozy up during this time of year is with stuffed sweet potatoes. They’re easy to make ahead of time, and they’re the perfect starch with tons of vitamin A. Rhiannon Lambert does a gorgeous rendition of these, and they’re perfect for breakfast. These guys are filled with a pepper, onion and black bean mix – a little like Huevos Rancheros – and appropriately topped with a baked egg, so they’re packed with easy, affordable protein. 
Cinnamon, Clove & Star Anise Oven-Baked Apple Chips

Alessandra from The Foodie Teen knows the best snack to cure those winter blues. Her cinnamon, clove and star-anise spice blend pairs with oven-baked apple chips perfectly, and the seasonal scent that wafts through the house while baking them is better than any autumnal candle. Oven-dried or dehydrated fruit is a far less concentrated source of sugar than plain dried fruit, so you can really feel good about digging into these.
Caramelised Coconut Cinnamon Pears On Porridge

Nothing says autumn like baked fruit in all of its caramelised glory. After all, that’s where all the flavour is, and it makes the sweetness pop. Ripe pears are the perfect candidate in this recipe from Honest Healthy, including cinnamon and coconut over a hearty bowl of gluten-free oats. You can easily swap oats for yoghurt to make it a complete morning meal with plenty of protein, or dairy-free ice cream for dessert.
Celeriac Spaghetti & Kale Carbonara

Summer calls for zoodles, but I believe autumn calls for heartier fare when it comes to faux noodles. Sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley have a great twist on Italian spaghetti classic using root veggie celeriac as the base. Its hard, fuzzy, outer layer might turn you off, but the flesh works perfectly in this dish. It has loads of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, including around 34% of the RDA for vitamin K. 
Autumnal Turkey & Pumpkin Chilli

Soups, stews, curries and chilli of course! That’s what the cool months are all about – bowls you can quite literally tuck into. This wonderful rendition from Amelia Freer features turkey and pumpkin which is packed with vitamin A and fibre. 

Slutty Low-Carb Pasta

Slutty, no-carb pasta? Count me in, especially with the abundance of courgettes this time of year. The name alone says it all, but in case you need a few more details, this recipe from The Londoner features a pile of courgette noodles packed with anchovies (for the flavour – promise you won’t taste them!), capers and black olives, tomato sauce and a sprinkle of parmesan, which is a great choice for people who are avoiding lactose. It’s a bit like puttanesca, which is the ultimate comfort food. 

Can you taste the flavours of autumn yet? It’s such a fun time of the year to embrace seasonal produce, and add some classic, comforting favourites to your healthy meal prep routine. While the ease of tossing together a salad and snacking on fresh fruit dies out a little, these recipes are accessible to even the kitchen newbie, while still easily impressing the clean eating aficionado. I hope you love these recipes as much as I do.

Irena Macri is the creator of Eat Drink Paleo food blog and the co-founder of the 9-week Happy Body Formula program.

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