Run Routes from Around The World

By Anna Sinclair
Oct 17, 2016
Run Routes from Around The World
Anna Sinclair, personal trainer and spin instructor at BOOM Cycle, shares her favourite run routes from around the world.

Life hasn’t always been personal training and teaching at BOOM Cycle, but I’ve always known that I’m not very good at sitting still. In 2011, I ditched office life, packed a bag and set off for an adventure on superyachts. Not a particularly conventional move for someone at 29, but if the worst thing that could happen was to come home, why wouldn't you just go for it?
I arrived in Antibes and rented a room in a crew house with many other eager ‘green’ yachties. Days were spent speaking to yacht agencies, and walking the ports in Monaco and Cannes hoping that a boat would be looking for another crewmember. In 2011 it was still pretty rare for girls to join the deck team, but I was stubborn enough to play the waiting game. With sailing experience and watersports qualifications to my name, I knew I stood a better chance.
Talk about baptism of fire! Within minutes of my first trial I was strapped to the mast of a 44 metre motoryacht, hose in hand, ready for my first wash down. Life on board had begun. There are no going home moments. You work where you live, and while guests are on board you are operating 24/7, 5 star levels of service.
With this time consuming work schedule came the challenge of trying to keep fit, which led to the discovery these stunning running routes. Nothing quite matches the joy of the guests leaving, putting on the trainers and seeing where your legs will take you.

Here are five breathtaking routes that I’ve had the privilege to explore:

The Phoenician Steps - Capri, Italy
921 steps which weave all the way from Marina Grande up to Ana Capri. It’s steep, but the views at the top are incredible. Grab an icecream, and go and get a glimpse of the Faraglioni rocks where the famous Dolce and Gabbana ads were shot.

Shirley Heights - Antigua
The only way is up, but it’s a stunning run on a very quiet road, which climbs to a breath taking view over the English Harbour.
Also famous for its Sunday night sunset steel drum BBQ party. The rum punch is lethal!

Santa Margherita to Portofino – Italy
This is a 5.4k narrow road route that curves along the Italian Riveria. Gentle ups and downs, dipping down onto a suspended boardwalk that takes you past rocky shores and expensive villas.

La Croisette – Cannes
A gentle promenade run that takes you from port to port, past the infamous Palais des Festival, stretching all the way along the French coastline where only your energy will limit your mileage. 
Top tip: Go early or late to avoid all the tourists.

Gustavia Port – St Barths
Essentially, get your trainers on and head up and out of the port. It’s a steep climb but keep on going until you glimpse ‘one of world’s top six scariest airport runways’. This is a spectacular place to stop and watch tiny planes come into land just metres from your head before they dive into the sloping hillside and stop just short of the sea.


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