NEW DATES ANNOUNCED! Balance Festival 19th – 21st May 2023
19 - 21 May 2023
The Truman Brewery
19 - 21 May 2023 / The Truman Brewery
03 October 2016
What to Expect at Balance Festival
Balance Festival Director Ludovic explains how the event came to be and what exciting plans we have in store.
Ludovic is the co-founder of The London, Amsterdam and New York Coffee Festivals – he’s also the mastermind behind Balance Festival and The Balance Urban Triathlon. His vision is to create a cutting-edge portfolio of urban fitness and wellness festivals, and to inspire people from around the world to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

London’s fast-pace combined with a need to achieve our best self is leading our great city to witness a major societal shift towards health and wellness. But rather than looking to reach perfection, Londoners are on a quest to realise a fulfilling life balance. This societal shift is set to disrupt the status quo on so many different levels – from food to fitness, wellness to travel, London’s ‘live fit, healthy and happy’ revolution has only just started.

A myriad of entrepreneurs and start-ups are now riding the wave, launching new game-changing businesses from healthy fast-food eateries to pay-per-class high-end fitness studios. This is set to change the way Londoners eat, sweat and travel, whilst holistically putting a strong emphasis on wellbeing as a whole. 

On one hand, you’ll find the Urban Healthies – those well-informed, inquisitive and savvy Londoners who are already well advanced in their wellness journey. These early adopters are already practising yoga or meditation, frequently visit their local HIIT studio and are switching their ready meals for fresh natural unprocessed ingredients they use to cook meals from scratch.

On the other hand, you’ll find the vast majority of Londoners a little confused by all the fads but eager to make a sustainable health-oriented change in their lifestyle. They are Balance Seekers who most often only need a little push to embark on their wellness journey.

My personal fitness and wellness revolution started four years ago when I took on running seriously – I'd injured myself playing squash and needed a new quick fitness fix. After completing a few marathons, I discovered Barry’s, which for me was a revelation – I got totally addicted to the infectious energy of its workout. It completely changed the way I train and has led me to explore new practices and ways of exercising. But signing up for your first HIIT or yoga class can be intimidating and it’s that first small step that has the power to lead to long lasting life changes.

Two years ago when we started conceptualising Balance Festival, we wanted to design an event that was accessible, approachable and welcoming to all. We wanted a festival that would be highly inspirational, progressive and cutting edge – an event that we would want to attend ourselves.

Our coffee festivals have always been about elevating standards in the industry whilst delivering an incredible experience to our visitors. Balance Festival's no different, only this time we have a much bigger role to play. We have the opportunity to change the way people live – to help people live longer, healthier, fitter and ultimately happier.

We're all different human beings with different predispositions - bio-individuality means what works for you may not work for your friends.

With this in mind, Balance Festival encompasses all aspects of achieving wellbeing through a fully comprehensive and immersive programme of events under one roof. From FOOD, FITNESS, WELLNESS to TRAVEL - Balance Festival has been designed to help Londoners step outside their comfort zone and try something they’ve never done before.

So what to expect?

On the fitness front: 230 fitness classes and 10,000 workouts from some of London’s most progressive studios, combined with an EPIC collision style fitness programme (think Martial Art vs Ashtanga to the beat of a heavy bassline!).

For the discerning foodie: live cooking demos, fermentation workshops, some of London’s best healthy chefs cooking for you in The Balanced Kitchen, the soon to be infamous Nut M*LK Bar and the Refuel Café, plus 100+ progressive food brands…

Did you say activewear? We’ve got this covered in our fitness and wellness village, with the latest sportswear, indie athleisure brands or tech weareables.

Want to feel inspired? Incisive talks and in-depth debate will be taking place across the festival.  From our industry-focused Health & Wellness Summit, to our LAB and the Welltodo Carreer Clinic, visitors will access all the latest knowledge shaping up the world of wellness.

Up for a challenge and do good?  Launching on Saturday 13 May as part of Balance Festival, our very first Urban Triathlon will kick-off from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and finish at the festival.

No need to be a triathlete here (no swimming or cycling involved) – this is a very balanced challenge.  Places are strictly limited to 1,000 entries – participants will take part in a 25 minute HIIT workout, followed by a 6k run and a 30-minute cool down yoga session at the festival.  All profits will be donated to Project Waterfall – a charitable initiative supporting clean drinking water projects in deprived communities in Africa.

On behalf of the Balance team, we look forward to seeing you at the inaugural festival from 12-14 May 2017 at the Old Truman Brewery. If you have any feedback or would like to share your thoughts on Balance Festival, please email me directly at

Stay fit, healthy, happy


Festival Director & Co-Founder  

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