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26 September 2016
Master the Art of Zen Travel
Discover the brands disrupting the travel industry and making it easier to stay healthy in the air.
At Welltodo, we’re always discovering and spotlighting brand disruptors in the wellness industry -- and uncovering new trends that will shape the way we think about our personal wellbeing. This month, we’re looking at innovative additions to the travel sector, a space where more attention to personal well-being is desperately needed.

Here are 5 brands to watch -- who are helping you master the art of the zen traveller in new and interesting ways:

Sick of salty, overcooked, disgusting plane food? Corey Angelo is too, and so she’s recently launched Wanderfuel. Think of it as in-flight nutrition, designed to shake up the airline and hotel industry by offering travelers carefully curated, seasonally rotating boxes of regenerative-organic products. Corey is also making sure that Wanderfuel boxes are educational as well as supporting well-being, so that travelers learn about why supplements and whole foods can work to decrease jet lag and additional stress on the body that flying can cause.
Rooted in holistic health principles, Wanderfuel selections feature a system of benefits designed with nutritionists that counteract the negative effects of travel. Travel snacks, sorted.

The most exciting thing about travel since flying. FlyFit is the world’s first boutique health and wellness offering within international airport terminals -- and you read about it here first. FlyFit will be rolling out in Heathrow T2 in early 2017 and will allow you to put that pre-flight or transit time to better use. You’ll be able to sweat, meditate, stretch, grab a massage, a quick shower and a blow out, all before you board your flight, and all with ease.
Whilst you’ll struggle to find out any more than that (we’re really ahead of the curve sharing this much), the wait is going to be so incredibly worth it. Coming to an airport near you, soon.
Airport Farmer’s Markets
When flying, fresh is best, which is why airports are now enlisting the help of farmers to provide fuel for travelers. In true Los Angeles style, travellers from across the globe can now purchase meals, snacks and coffee from original market restaurants and stalls inside Terminal 5 at LAX.

Serving both departing and arriving travellers, the market offers an alternative to the array of fast food outlets scattered around the airport. Instead, stalls featuring fresh fruit or local and organic produce cater to travellers who are looking for healthier choices.

Bringing lots of local wellness brands together, the market is a clear indicator of how businesses are responding to changes in consumer attitude when it comes to the relationship between diet and travelling. We want good, wholesome food, is that so much to ask?

Equinox Hotels
When Equinox asked its members if they’d stay in Equinox Hotels when travelling, a resounding 95% said yes. Which is why the disruptive fitness brand is always well into the construction phase of making this a reality. With stiff competition from established brands like Westin and EVEN, who are also breaking into the wellness-inspired hotel sector, Equinox does have some catching up to do. They have plans to roll out 75 hotels around the world.
Equinox are targeting the health-conscious traveler, willing to pay a premium for all the luxuries and conveniences of home including, yoga mats and foam rollers on hand, natural beauty products, personal trainers on demand and, of course, high-end gym facilities and a healthy menu to match.
Don’t hold your breath though, the first hotel in New York is not due to open until 2018.
Imagine a luxury retreat tailored specifically to you; right down to your genetic makeup. According to new UK startup, WellCode, it’s the future of travel holidays. This month, WellCode is running its first European escape offering genetically guided wellness programmes that better optimise your energy and well-being.
We’re all different, right? Which is why this experience lends itself to your genotype so specifically -- including a 6-day personalised nutrition and fitness regime designed by experts. Before you set off, you’ll undergo DNA testing to identify any genetic variations associated with your nutritional requirements, body composition management and response to physical activities -- and better yet, you’ll return with a greater sense of what you actually need to do to achieve sustainable positive outcomes and results!

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