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19 - 21 May 2023 / The Truman Brewery
26 April 2017
Getting To Know Jody Shield
Balance Festival sets out to connect inspirational people with innovative brands so as to bring new ideas and intentions to both parties. One person who knows the power of these connections all too well is author, speaker and modern healer, Jody Shield. Here, she catches up with Tapped Birch Water and shares why she’ll be stocking up on her stash from the Balance Festival Market this May.

1) How and why did you get into meditation and healing?

I used to work in advertising and was a business director for 10 years, working with big brands and big budgets.  It wasn’t fulfilling anymore so I decided to go to South America to take some time out. I met someone in Peru who recommended a retreat centre where they were taking Ayahuasca, a plant medicine that indigenous tribes have been taking for millions of years. It was such a healing experience and it made me realise that I needed to be doing something much more worthwhile. When I came back to London, I went back to work but one day this inner voice just boomed out “quit your job” and I just knew it was the right time.

Whilst I was travelling around the world, I retrained in lots of different self-help tools, healing techniques and meditation with different healers and so I had my own personal toolkit at the ready. I set up a one to one treatment room where private clients would come and see me with a whole manner of things - relationship issues, financial troubles, anxiety, depression or fears of some sort. People would have radical transformations using the healing techniques I had trained in. Word spread and, before long, I was really busy, seeing people back to back 20 times a week. It was crazy. Then I started running group sessions and that led to work with brands like Soho House, Nike, Clarins, who recognised the need for other types of wellbeing within their business. So that’s how it all started.

2) Why has meditation become so popular?

There has been a lot in the press about mediation, especially the word mindfulness. It’s such a big buzzword at the moment. To my mind it is all about reconnecting to yourself rather than spending time on Facebook, Instagram or so many other every day life distractions.

Anxiety is at such an all-time high at the moment. There are statistics from the NHS showing a ridiculous number of out-patients reported with anxiety. Stress is chronic in our society. We are all workaholics, we are addicted to being busy and the adrenaline that brings. We need a remedy for that. People are starting to realise that it is not about going to the doctor and getting anti-depressants, which only masks the problem. It is actually much deeper than that; it’s about really beginning to understand yourself and what your mind is telling you. 

3) How can we make the most of London’s nature to feel energised?

We are so lucky that we have lots of green spaces and parks around us. Whenever I’ve done big events, workshops, or when I am feeling like I have taken too much on, I go to the park. As soon as I am there I immediately feel my whole body soften.

Our biggest excuse is that we don’t have time to go to the park but, when you make it there, it doesn’t take long to change your energy and your state of mind. It’s just about being a bit more mindful and remembering those spaces are always there.

One of my favourite London parks is Southwark Park. It’s near me and has a rose and flower garden that I love going to. I actually wrote a lot of my book there.

4) What is about TAPPED birch water that you like?

I am always looking for something that rehydrates you but, when I am doing big events, I find it hard to consume a lot of water. So smaller, more mineral and electrolyte rich waters are really good and the TAPPED drinks are perfect amount for on the go. I find tree waters have a really interesting flavour as well.

Hear Jody share her healing tips at the Balance Festival LAB on Saturday May 13, 16:00. Additionally, pick up a sample of TAPPED Birch Water to hydrate you all day long!

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