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19 April 2017
Meet Sano
Cooking up a nutritious storm in the Balanced Kitchen are Sano, healthy eating with a difference. Here they are to tell us how their passion for delicious and nourishing food began and share their plans to transform the way we perceive our our plates. They've got a lot of knowledge to offer and so, we're sure you'll agree they're game-changers in the world of wellness.

We Are Sano!

The Sano philosophy is simple, we exist to drive a nutrition revolution by redefining healthy eating and to provide you with the knowledge you need to take back control of your own food choices and health.

Everyone at Sano is passionate about health and our biggest motivation is helping people to understand the benefits of what they’re eating, which is grounded in the very roots of the brand’s beginnings. Based on the philosophy of Dale Pinnock, The Medicinal Chef, who believes that healthy eating should be based on fact, not fad - there’s so much conflicting information out there telling you how you should and shouldn’t be eating, how do you know what’s right for you?

This is the exact question Heather and Doug Richards were also conscious of answering to combat the abundant misinformation we’re faced with daily when it comes to food and eating for health. Sano was born when Dale was invited to the home of Doug, an entrepreneur, and Heather Richards, a Nutritional Therapist, when Doug decided to pull out all the stops and surprise Heather for their 25th wedding anniversary. Dale cooked them a romantic dinner, and rather than Dale third-wheeling, the three of them bonded over their shared passion for wanting to drive change in the world of health and nutrition.

The combination of Heather, Doug and Dale’s desire for change and their recognition of the need for a turnaround in culture’s approach to wellness, led to the creation of Sano just few months later. With the ambition of becoming an established authority in evidence-based eating and to revolutionise the way people think about food and their health, Sano shares truthful information about cooking and eating food to cut through the noise and get to the facts.

Sano quickly developed into a group of four businesses which each addresses an area of the health and wellness space in order to instigate positive change and that, collectively, support a new way of thinking and educate the community about healthy living.

Sano School of Culinary Medicine

Developed by Dale, the Sano online Diploma in Culinary Medicine empowers students to take control of their own food choices, teaches them how to develop simple, nutritious recipes to support health, and allows graduates to transform their own businesses, blogs, and personal health as Nutrition Coaches.

Sano Life

Is a rich content and media platform managed from our media centre in Fitzrovia. Sano Life delivers high quality live and recorded content in nutrition, food and health to cut through the fad and deliver relevant and informed content to inspire people to make the best health decisions for them.

Sano Wellness

Provides food and nutrition services for corporates and their employees to optimise productivity and that all-important work/life balance, proving that you don’t have to have lots of free time to live healthily.

Sano to Go

Opening on the high street in London in the summer, Sano to Go is healthy eating with a difference. Sano to go is inspired by the recipes from Dale’s books and both Heather and Dale’s philosophy that food give a great tasting food experience online and instore. A food box delivery service is in the works for the coming months as well - meaning you can enjoy deliciously different recipes delivered to your office or home.

Come and visit Sano on stand F15 at the festival to be among the first to sample the Sano to Go menu, find out more about Sano School of Culinary Medicine, and meet Heather, Doug, Dale and the Sano team!

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