5 Festive Balanced Hangover Tips

By Balance Editorial Team
Dec 12, 2017
5 Festive Balanced Hangover Tips
Here’s the season to be jolly, indeed. December marks the time of year when we really let our hair down – Christmas work do’s, friend reunions and a delicious selection of festive drinks to get stuck into – spicy mulled wines, ciders, cockle-warming hot toddies, to name a few. It’s no wonder health conscious types find themselves in the same dilemma every year.
Word of advice – your festive hangovers don’t choose you, you choose them. Follow these game-changing tips below and you’ll get the gist! Remember - preparation is key.
Here’s 5 ways to achieve a very balanced hangover *clink*


Tuck into a B12 heavy meal before you head out – Booze depletes the body of B12 vitamin. Without B12 the body experiences fatigue, dizziness and headaches. Foods high in B12 like beef, dairy, eggs and salmon are definitely worth chucking into your pre-boozing recipe. Make room for Riverford's delicious Orzo Pasta with Grilled Salmon recipe. Don't forget to top it with some extra cheese for B12 POW.

Fake it  – If you can’t handle the demands of peer pressure, choose your spirits wisely. Thankfully there’s a couple of very convincing options on hand. Take for instance Seedlip – a distilled non-alcoholic spirit with a whole lot of class. Seedlip’s sugar and sweetener free consistency make morning dehydration and headaches a thing of the past. Hoorah. 
Drink kombucha cocktails – For those who want to drink [it is Christmas after all], choose your mixers wisely. Kombucha has all the secrets to a hangover, and quite frankly it will change your life. Kombucha contains naturally occurring electrolytes that keep hydration at bay. Not to mention its abundance of B vitamins, probiotics and detoxification abilities to help relieve any intoxicated body. Oh, and it contains a little bit of alcohol too – hair of the dog and all that. Check out JARR for all the latest kombucha cocktail inspiration!

Stock up the fridge - There’s nothing worse than waking up and stumbling to your fridge to find only a scraggy tub of butter and a few ancient pickled onions. It’s time to get prepared. Stock up your fridge with a pack of faithful Heck Sausages and throw together an emergency morning comfort sausage sarnie. Not forgetting a bottle of Vita Coco Water to replenish your dehydrated soul with its abundance of anti-oxidants, electrolytes and potassium.

Sweat it out at Boom Cycle If you’re feeling brave enough, there’s no doubt this is the best cure out there. Go sweat it out at a Boom spin class in the early morning and watch the booze ooze out of you. At least you get to sit down, eh.

 Consider your festive season saved.

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