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11 December 2017
Burn 550 Calories in 55 Minutes – Why Xtend Barre is the Post-Christmas Workout
Xtend Barre combines the fundamental principles of dance and Pilates. Infusing various cardio elements, Barre classes make for a complete body workout, where you can burn up to 550 calories in just 55 minutes – no biggy.

The classes incorporate ballet moves, however there’s more focus on functional technique, flexibility and alignment – working to condition the body inside and out. It’s a thigh-quivering, arm-shaking, ab-sculpting, heart-pounding class that works muscles you never even knew you had.  Make sure you’re prepared to sweat!

Top 5 reasons to give Xtend Barre a go in the New Year:

1. To burn calories! Not only can you burn up to 550 calories in a class, but an Xtend Barre class spikes your metabolic rate for the rest of the day.

2. It is suited to anyone - One of the biggest misconceptions about Xtend Barre is that you need to have a dance background to do it – but you don’t! no matter what age, gender, level of fitness or dance ability, a typical Xtend Barre class is designed to be multi-level. Each exercise can be modified to suit your needs on any given day.  As you get stronger we advance the exercises to keep you challenged.

3. If you are time poor – Xtend Barre is a whole body workout, focussing on the upper body, glutes and core in just 55 minutes. We also offer 45-minute Xpress classes at lunchtime.

4. To see results quickly! We offer 10 different disciplines to compliment the signature Xtend Barre class to provide clients with variety so they can see constant effective results and be challenged.

5. To have fun! With the combination of good music, great energy and great teachers the 55 minutes will fly by (and you will leave class wanting to come back!) 
Ultimately, you need to actually try a class to know how it feels and works. We look forward to seeing you at the barre! 

How can I get the most out of an Xtend Barre class?

The beauty of Xtend Barre is that no two classes are the same. To maximise your 55 minutes, we recommend staying true to the correct form and taking the challenges and advancements where you can.
Since Xtend Barre is so specific, our instructors are constantly providing corrections and adjustments to ensure you are set up properly to get the most out of each exercise and working in your ‘challenge zone’. It’s this focus on form that means Xtend Barre never gets easier - you get stronger! With an increase in body awareness and by knowing which muscles you’re working intensely and in isolation, you can get the most out of every movement.

You will also hear our instructors say “push and challenge yourself” – because that’s where you will see and feel the physical and mental benefits.  Take the advancements set by your instructor in class whenever you feel able in order to take your workout to new levels and to ensure that you are seeing constant results. In each Xtend Barre class you can expect to see advancements for ‘jumpers’ and ‘non-jumpers’, meaning you don’t need to be a ‘jumper’ to get the added cardio in and caloric burn in class. Enjoy!

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