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19 - 21 May 2023
The Truman Brewery
19 - 21 May 2023 / The Truman Brewery
01 December 2017
Meet Jamie Ray
From dancing in the West End to jumping in the boxing ring, Jamie Ray’s well and truly turned the Billy Elliot story on its head. We first stumbled across Jamie at one of his much hyped about HIIT classes at Another Space in Covent Garden.

Jamie’s upbeat energy and contagious charm were enough to get us hooked. His conscious fitness approach is all about keeping things inclusive, challenging and, most importantly, fun! He’s a Muay Thai fighter with a heart of gold. Never judge a book by its cover.  
Take it away Jamie…

From the beginning…
I started out as a professional dancer, touring all over the world with artists and performing in musicals in West End theatres, arenas and stadiums. I trained for nine years in all styles of dance, movement discipline and creativity, these elements led me on my journey to martial arts training.

And now you're a Muay Thai boxer, right?

I became fascinated by the art of Muay Thai. After spending much time in Thailand learning, training and fighting professionally, on my return back to the UK I met with director of Another Space. I was invited to join the team, and that was where I entered the fitness industry. I now use all my experience from across all the disciplines to coach the ultimate HIIT class.

What inspires your work?
I care about helping people to realise that even the hardest and toughest obstacles can be overcome. I strongly believe there should be a platform where men can speak about their weaknesses and struggles through life, to raise awareness of mental health issues.
What exciting projects have you been working on recently?
I have a unique workout experience which myself and Charlotte Holmes have created called strike & flow (Muay Thai Inspired HIIT followed by a Yoga flow) which I will be bringing to Balance Festival 2018.

Where do you hang out in London?
If I’m not teaching at Another space, you can find me at my favourite gym to train at, Thirdspace in Soho. I spend most of my spare time here perfecting Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu techniques.
What’s the story behind you and Balance Festival?
The mastermind behind Balance Festival, Ludovic Rossignol, tried out my HIIT class at Another Space and the rest is history. Since then I have been involved in the Urban Tri, Balance Festival 2017 and the Urban Tri Reunion.
What will you be bringing to Balance 2018?
As already mentioned above, Strike and Flow – a unique HIIT v.s Yoga fusion workout.  Don’t miss!
Tell us your weirdest and most unique quirk.
I can beat box to my workouts.

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