Ozone's Alt. Milk Infusion

By Ozone Coffee Roasters
Jan 19, 2017
Ozone's Alt. Milk Infusion
Our friends at Ozone Coffee Roasters share their Alt. Milk infusion recipe in this simple, delicious recipe - enjoy!

The Ozone Coffee Roasters!

​For an alternative milk infusion, you will want to use a type of milk with a high water content. The Bonsoy soy milk that we use works really well for us!

For the Milk Infusion
1 L Bonsoy Soy milk
100g of dark caramel
100g of grated red apple skin

Leave to infuse for 24 hours. Stir thoroughly, and then pass through a fine sieve. The caramel should completely dissolve and the sieve will catch the red apple skin.
We combine this infusion with our Colombia Finca Veracruz cold brew. The Finac Veracruz single origin is available online or in the café, and the flavours of the infusion perfectly highlight the natural flavour of the coffee.
To make the drink, add 100ml of the milk infusion to 30ml of Finca Veracruz cold brew – perfect for your daily coffee fix!

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