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01 January 2017
The Best Way to Cleanse in the New Year
Feeling sluggish after the party season? Cleanse and de-bloat with these top 6 medicinal foods
Feeling sluggish after the party season? Cleanse and de-bloat with these top 6 medicinal foods from Lily Soutter – PRESS’ Editor & Resident Nutritionist  

If you’ve overindulged over the Christmas period, then there’s no better time to turn to nature’s medicine to support the liver, cleanse the body and to simply get your mojo back. 


Here are the top 6 must have foods:


Fresh beetroot is a powerful liver support and cleansing food. The purple pigment within beetroot, called betalin is responsible for supporting the detoxification process.

Try our
•    Beetroot & Butternut soup
•    Garden 2 juice (beetroot, apple, lemon, ginger)


The bright orange colour of turmeric comes from its active component Curcumin. Curcumin can stimulate bile production, which transports toxins away from the liver to the gut, ready for elimination, perfect after that New Year’s prosecco! 

Try our
•    Golden latte 
•    Gut booster shot


Kale is a wonderful source of glucosinolates, which are responsible for increasing the production of liver enzymes responsible for detoxification. 

We recommend
•    Greenhouse range of juices 


Protein plays an essential role with detoxification. Studies have shown that a low protein diets can impair liver function, and decreased levels of detoxifying liver enzymes. 

Try our
•    Alkaline balance smoothie

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are extremely rich in fibre. Fibre binds to toxins and supports their excretion via the digestive tract. 

Try our
•    Chia bowl

Chlorophyll water

There’s no better to get your glow back than by staying hydrated. You can enhance the cleansing effect by adding a drop of two of chlorophyll to your beverage. Chlorophyll may help to promote liver health, and support the body’s natural elimination of toxins. 

Try our
•    Chlorophyll & mint water

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