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15 March 2017
About the Asana - Crow Pose
You’ve tried it in class, you’ve seen a few photos on Instagram, you’ve even tried to find some Youtube videos breaking it all down, but it’s still not working out for you. Relax there is no rush!
And to be honest, this article might not help at all either, but that’s ok.
Remember that yoga is a practice and there is process to the progress. Sometimes the more you want it, the harder it gets. But don’t worry, if it’s meant to be, it will happen.
Now, before I give you my tips & technique into the asana, it’s important to talk about why we do these more advanced postures.
Is it for Instagram? No.
Is it for the fame and glory so we can say ‘we’ve done it’? It shouldn’t be
We do these postures because simply put, it’s just a part of our yoga practice. To learn, try, fly and fail at crow pose is just a matter of experience. Physically it builds strength & stamina, encourages us to breathe and manage out push & pull on the mat. Mentally & emotionally crow pose helps to fight the fear and limitations that we put on ourselves, the ones that say ‘we can’t’ or ‘we’re not good enough’ or ‘someone like you shouldn’t do this’.
When our intentions are in the right place, the pose gets easier because we’re approaching it for the right reasons. This is the most important thing we learn about the Asana for any pose.
Great, now that we’re clear. Let’s get into the detail. A lot of yogi’s have different techniques into crow but here are mine. Feel free to give them a go and see how you fly!
Crow Pose - Bakasana
5 Points of Focus
1)      Start in a forward bend, knees soft with your hands flat to the floor shoulder width distance apart
2)      Keeping the big toes together, lift the heels as you move the weight into the hands bending at the elbows
3)      Keep the direction of the bend in the elbows pointing to the back of the mat, start by placing one knee on the back of the triceps lifting the same foot and squeezing towards the glutes. If that feels good, add the other leg
4)      Once flying, press down through the hands and lift up from the core squeezing the heels in towards the glutes and griping the floor with the fingertips
5)      Keep the eyes gazing at the top edge of the mat and rounding through the upper back, and then just breathe
And no matter what happens, just remember that every day is different, and sometimes it works, and other times it doesn’t. Just try again tomorrow.
For a few more tips & video techniques, check out BOYS OF YOGA youtube channel and subscribe to learn more about crow pose and loads more poses to try.

As always drop me a line to chat about anything,
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