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31 March 2017
Meet Lorna Jane Clarkson
Long before fitness became fashionable and activewear meant little more than a scruffy old pair of joggers you’d never be caught in public wearing, there was Lorna Jane Clarkson, a young Australian fashion designer with a vision to deliver unique and inspiring designs to fellow gym lovers and transform the way women look and feel in their workout wardrobe. Now, 28 years on, Lorna Jane is a global brand, with over 200 stores worldwide pioneering expert craftsmanship, industry-leading technology and hi-tech performance fabrics.

But, so much more than stylish activewear, Lorna Jane represents a global movement empowering women to live their best and most beautiful lives through Active Living. Fresh to the UK market, Lorna Jane are changing what it means to live fit and healthy. Ahead of their appearance at Balance Festival, we sat down with the woman behind the brand to learn how she turned her fashion sensibility into a worldwide crusade.

1) ‘Move, Nourish, Believe’ are at the heart of the Lorna Jane philosophy. What do these words mean to you?

These words mean everything to me because I know first-hand, just how much they can completely transform your life. Active Living is my personal Philosophy and it makes being fit and healthy really easy. All you have to do is MOVE your body every day, NOURISH from the inside out and, last but certainly not least, BELIEVE in yourself, because when you are your biggest believer… ANYTHING is possible! I never would have got to where I am today if I hadn’t embraced this philosophy every day!

2) What does a typical day in the life of Lorna Jane Clarkson look like?

It sounds cliché but no two days are ever the same for me - although I do try and start them with the same rituals. I usually wake up around 5 for a workout, which is either a strength session with my trainer or some yoga, followed by breakfast and a scroll through my emails. I’m in the office by about 8 and could be doing anything from fitting pieces from an upcoming range or sketching through to media interviews or writing. I try and get home by about 6pm to go for a walk with my husband Bill and our dog Roger, then cook dinner, wind down and catch up on some reading before bed.

3) The launch of Lorna Jane caused a revolution across the fitness-fashion industry, bringing a fresh sense of style to activewear. How has this transformed the way modern women both move and feel?

I think it has transformed more than just the way she moves and feels, I think it’s transformed her lifestyle completely! I started designing activewear before it was even a 'category' so I’ve always had a strong vision for it to be something so much more than what you put on to work out in - something no one believed would ever happen! To me, the fact that sport luxe is now such a huge global trend is true testament to just how strongly activewear complements the modern woman’s busy lifestyle - and believe me when I say this is just the beginning!

4) You’ve created an amazing community of strong, beautiful and real women through your brand. What is it about the Lorna Jane message that speaks to the every-day female?

I think it’s the heart and authenticity of our brand that resonates with women and inspires them, whether they’re a student, an athlete or a mother. Lorna Jane means so much more to her than just activewear. She knows that everything we do is aimed at inspiring and empowering women. We give her knowledge, a sense of community, a philosophy to live by and of course, amazing activewear! 

5) We know you love a good inspirational quote. What is your number one mantra?

“It starts with Believe”. I love this quote because of its simplicity and adaptability. It reminds us not to be distracted by the problems or the negatives in our lives and to  focus on moving forward. I know from personal experience that when you START WITH BELIEVE and focus on the possible, it opens you up to opportunity and you gain confidence, perspective and the strength to move forward in life doing amazing things!

6) Tell us about your new self-love campaign. What’s it all about?

I’ve always believed that the most important relationship you have in life is the one you have with yourself but so many of us forget this. We tend to get so caught up and fixated on what we don’t like about ourselves instead of celebrating what we love about ourselves, which is exactly why I launched our LOVE YOU campaign. I wanted to encourage women to build a healthy relationship with themselves so that they could go through life with self-belief and confidence. Every woman deserves to live a life that she loves, but that life only starts when you start to love you!

7) As an entrepreneur, designer and author, we’re sure life can get pretty overwhelming at times. How do you integrate self-love into your routine in order to maintain balance?

Health is my number one priority because, at the end of the day, if you don’t have your health, what do you have? Self-love is a huge part of staying healthy and a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. That’s why I make sure I take time to do something for myself every single day, even if it’s just half an hour of quiet reading, walking my dog or some meditation and gratitude journaling at the end on my day. Finding me-time is the perfect LOVE YOU message to myself.

Visit Lorna Jane at Balance Festival this May and become a part of the empowering women community. Shop in their London Flagship store in Covent Garden or online at

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