My Plant-Based Journey

By Bettina Campolucci
Mar 07, 2017
My Plant-Based Journey
My plant-based journey began as an experiment. A way to feed my retreat clients nourishing food without deprivation and compromise on taste. But it left a significant mark on my life and sparked a love affair with ingredients, their heritage and creative ways to use them beyond my wildest dreams. There is so much beauty in nature and I hope to spread this message as far as it can reach.

Over the years, I’ve met so many people who acknowledge the health and environmental benefits of plant based cuisine and want to make a change in the way they eat, the way they live and the way they feel. But they all had one thing in common – they didn’t know where to start!

I noticed all my clients encountered similar obstacles when attempting to continue their plant-based journey at home. Lack of time, little interest in spending hours in the kitchen and not willing to run across the city searching for unusual ingredients. So, I created the 7 Day Plant-Based Challenge. A convenient platform to support my existing clients. With just one click, they would receive all the necessary ingredients for a full week of plant-based eating delivered straight to their door, along with a selection of quick and easy recipes, some so simple, they don't even need cooking!

This challenge is for anyone looking to explore a different way of eating, to introduce more whole foods and to test drive how they feel on a plant-based diet. It will spark new ideas and help you see that healthy recipes can be full on flavour and simple to create.

Intrigued? This porridge recipe with fried banana and nuts is just a taster of the easy dishes you’ll discover through the challenge.


1 portion of Amisa 4-grain porridge
Koko coconut milk milk
1 banana
1 tsp Biona odourless coconut oil
1 tbs Meridian almond butter
1 tbs Planet Organic mixed nuts


1) Start of by heating a pan and adding 1 tsp of coconut oil. Peel and half your banana and fry it with the flat surface face down first.


2) Let your bananas brown and caramelise then take off the heat so as not to burn.


3) In another pan heat up your coconut milk and add your porridge (read box instructions for amounts milk vs porridge).

4) Once the porridge has thickened, which should only take a few minutes, spoon into a bowl and top off with your amazing caramelised bananas.


5) Top with almond butter and mixed nuts.

People who sign up for Bettina’s 7-Day Plant-Based Challenge will be sent a full 7-day meal planner with recipe cards that are simple to follow and require very little preparation time. You will also find Bettina in the Balance Festival Live Cooking Theatre on Sunday 14 May showing how to make plant-based easy and enjoyable!

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