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The Truman Brewery
19 - 21 May 2023 / The Truman Brewery
29 March 2017
Why Join The Urban Tri
Triathlons are challenging, engaging and require dedication and a focus training regime, so many great skills to tune into. But the Urban Tri brought to you by Vega® takes the triathlon and makes it accessible for everyone.

What’s great about the Urban Tri is that it takes the city’s well known inspirational places such as the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the streets of East London and finally the Old Truman Brewery and puts them together to form a brand new unforgettable experience.

Stage ONE - HIIT

The first stage of the race at the Olympic Park starts with a 25 minute HIIT session. HIIT sessions consist of intervals of all-out high intensity efforts followed by a period of rest, repeated over a series of times for the duration of the workout. HIIT sessions such as the Urban Tri’s require no equipment, making it totally accessible and adaptable for all levels.  

These HIIT style sessions are hugely popular because of their efficiency in increasing the body's aerobic and anaerobic capacity. They also help burn up a good number of calories even 48 hours after the session, which could be an additional 15% 2.  This effect is known as the EPOC (Excess post exercise oxygen consumption), where you continue to burn fat long after the workout is over.  HIIT sessions could burn 15 calories per minutes as found by the Performance Laboratory, where participants performed a 20-minute session of press ups, burpees, squats and lunges with short recovery in-between 3. Above all, starting the first stage of the Tri in such an epic location with a huge number of fellow triathletes will no doubt be motivating and give you that buzz to hit the other two stages.

Stage TWO - Run

The second stage of the Urban Tri is a 6km run. The run will offer triathletes a change of scenery and mind set as they embark on the journey to the Old Truman Brewery.  The run stage is a great place for triathletes to listen to their bodies and choose whether they need the run as a recovery or a chance to increase the tempo, push it a little harder and find their new personal best.  The beauty about this is that triathletes can really challenge themselves wherever they are on their fitness journey.

Running has huge health benefits, from improving circulation, cardiovascular health and weight loss.  As well as the physical benefits, running has been found to boost your body’s serotonin, norepinephrine and stress response to help induce that natural state of calm 4.  But if you are curious, that’s about 461 calories for men and 391 calories for women running 10 minutes per mile for the 6km, according to a study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 5.

Stage THREE - Yoga

A perfect ending and last stage. Yoga. Triathletes will be given the chance to stretch and open up after the last two gruelling stages.  The last stage gives triathletes permission to let go and relax into the session. These 30 minutes will help triathletes to increase their flexibility, balance their nervous system, boost their immune system and enhance their mood state 6.  Bringing focus and awareness inwards will also allow triathletes to concentrate on their breathing, form and release unneeded stresses and worries.  An amazing and relaxing end to an epic challenge could float away almost 100 calories 7 and the mindfulness of the yoga will also help triathletes acknowledge the tremendous achievement they have just accomplished, giving them a boost of confidence and self belief for the coming week!

If you're ready to unite for the challenge, sign up for the Urban Tri and be a part of the experience.


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(4) Frühauf A, Niedermeier N, Elliott L,  Ledochowski L, Marksteiner J and Kopp M, Journal: Mental Health and Physical Activity, 2016, Volume 10, Page 4 
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