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How To Recharge Your Workout Playlist
There are several factors of a Barry’s Bootcamp workout that give people that much-sought endorphin rush; from the darkened room and red lights to the motivational words from the trainers. But one of the most effective tools for elevating a workout is the pumping music.

I don’t make a habit of giving my playlists away (trade secrets, you see) but Barry’s clients can testify just how powerful music can be to transform your workout. At Balance Festival, the live DJs in our Barry’s Bootcamp studio will double the intensity of our playlist so, here’s a sneak peak of the kinds of tracks you’ll be working out to.

Down and Dirty

The warm-up is a crucial time in your workout to help your mind focus on the session ahead. I prefer Hip-Hop to get that attitude right. It makes people open with the swagger and confidence to give it 100% later on.

Here are a couple of tracks to kick-start your workout:
Hustlin’ - by Rick Ross
6 foot 7 - by Lil Wayne ft. Cory Gunz

Fast and Furious

When it comes to sprints, I opt for something fast-paced and aggressive. Sprints aren’t for the faint-hearted, and neither is my song selection! Genres tend to span from EDM/ Dance tracks to Trap remixes that pack a serious punch – the beats you sprint to can really make or break your performance.

These are my go-to sprint tracks:
Free The Madness - by Steve Aoki ft. Machine Gun Kelly
Mellow (Onderkoffer remix) - by Showtek, Technoboy & Tuneboy

Relentless Climbing

Hill runs can feel soul destroying. Once you’ve passed a 6% incline on the treadmill, it becomes as much a test of mental strength as physical. My clients know these tracks mean only one thing: hills, hills and more hills…

Core - by RL Grime
DJ Turn It Up - by Yellow Claw

100 metre sprint finish

At the end of any hard run, all that you want is to get through that 100 metre sprint finish or, at Barry’s, the countdown from 10. To get past the finish line and to keep from pulling out too soon, it’s the drop in any song that gets you through. 

Again, a mixture of fast paced EDM, House or Trap songs are my preferred genres. In order for these songs to be truly effective, they must be timed to perfection so when the beat drops it just takes over:

My favourite sprint finish tracks are:
Get Low - by DJ Snake
Black - by MAKJ & Thomas Newson

End of the show, end of the workout

You’ve come to the end and have given everything you have in one hour of pure work. It’s now time to breathe and get your heart rate down. I find that slow and less intense music allows your head to clear and brings a great workout to the perfect close. 

My preferred cool-down tracks are:
Teardrop - by Massive Attack
Midnight In A Perfect World - by DJ Shadow

By matching workouts to music with these kinds of tracks, you can take your workout from good to amazing. Incorporate them into your workout or join us in the Barry’s Bootcamp Studio at Balance Festival this weekend to find a new level that you didn’t even know existed.

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