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04 May 2017
The Battle Of The Post-Workout Refuel
Whether you’ve worked up a sweat getting your ‘om’-on in a yoga class, or you’ve just run 26 miles through the mean streets of London, exercising of any type means we must replenish what we’ve put out by putting goodness back in. But just what, we hear you ask, is the best way to refuel after exercise? Our bodies crave a whole array of forms of nourishment after exercise and below is the down-low on some of the most popular. With Balance Festival just around the corner and HIIT sessions across the weekend, which should be crowned Queen in the battle of the best post-workout refuel for you?

1. Hydration

Sweatin’ it out means not only are we losing a lot of water but we also lose electrolytes – a form of salt that’s essential for our bodies to function. Sure, water does what it says on the tin when it comes to effective hydration but coconut water tastes good and does good whilst being filled to the brim with replenishing electrolytes. Rebel Kitchen organic coconut water is pure, pink and sustainably sourced from young green coconuts  from the Philippines AND when you sign up to a HIIT session at Balance Festival you’ll get a free one! Winning.

2. Fats

We’re talking about the good fats (of course) coming in all varieties; from nut butters, a good serving of smashed avo to Rebel’s own organic coconut mylks. Fats are nourishing after exercise in both savoury or sweet for the days when you just can’t decide which way to go.

3. Fruits

All hail the classic combo of the crisp Pink Lady apple paired with a delicious nut butter (when you know, you know). Banana’s have also been a trusty after exercise snack forever thanks to their healthy dose of potassium per bite and good levels of natural sugars. 

4. Carbs

Workout = carb indulgence, right? Right. Best paired with veg or other nutrient-dense foods like favourite complex-carb - sweet potato for an all-round after exercise refuel. We’ll take that.

But of course, what is most important is Balance. Do what feels right for you and your body, always.

Rebel Kitchen will be at Balance Festival across the full weekend, come hang out and try the full collection: Stand F90. You’ll also bag yourself a FREE 250ml Rebel Kitchen coconut water when you sign up to a Barry’s Bootcamp or Boom Cycle session. Head to and follow on Instagram @rebel_kitchen for Bold Taste, Big Ethics and No Preaching.

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