Find Your Balance in Notting Hill

By Balance Editorial Team
Nov 28, 2017
Find Your Balance in Notting Hill
This week we’re grabbing our gym bags and heading West to Notting Hill. More than a home to colourful terraced-houses, Portobello Market and the annual carnival, Notting Hill is where the wellness scene is well and truly kicking off. Raw-food eateries, alcohol-free signature cocktails and high-tech facials – you name it, this health-conscious pocket of the city’s got it. 

Barry’s Bootcamp West

If you’re into fast fitness with evident results, Barry’s your man. This boutique boot camp concept is all about pushing through boundaries, even if it takes some tough-love to get there. Gruelling training sessions consist of 25-30 minutes of interval cardio alternated with 25-30 minutes of strength training. Each day of the week targets a specific body area, so you’ll soon be hooked in no time.
Post-Workout Brunch

Eating out with dietary requirements is becoming a fuss-free affair these days, especially with mindful eateries like Farmacy on your gym’s doorstop. This plant-based foodie sanctuary is the ultimate zen den for relaxing post-workout. Not to mention their vast raw, vegan, gluten and nut-free menu, tailored for any mindful eater. We’d recommended tucking into a Macro Earth Bowl to replenish withered muscles – Quinoa served with avocado, seaweed, seaweed, sauerkraut, steamed seasonal greens and sweet potato with a miso ginger dressing.
Pampering Sesh
Privet Body

If you’re residing in Notting Hill – you’ve got to the look and feel the part. Thankfully Privet Body is on hand to get you spruced up in no time. Their team of self-confessed ‘expert gardeners’ are the top kiddies when it comes to nourishing facial and body treatments, offering luxury and leisurely top-to-toe packages for both men and women. Although a little on the pricey side, there’s some rather techy treatments you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Take for instance the 3D-HIFU –  High Intensity Focused Ultrasound – a non-intrusive facelift within a single session, jeez.
Coffee Stop Must
Farm Girl

Holistic and healthy is their motto, and we’re digging it. This sunny Notting Hill haven is powered by coffee-fuelled Aussies and is fast becoming a West London favourite. It’s a seriously chilled spot where killer good coffee, nutritious comfort food, hanging artworks and chilled vibes meet – the kind of place you could kickback for hours. Bored to tears of your faithful cappuccino? Grab yourself something a little more adventurous like a liquid gold latte with turmeric, cinnamon, astralagus and honey.
The Night Out
Redemption Bar

There’s all the makings of a classic cocktail bar: Vibing tunes, candle-lit ambience and a decent crowd, but there’s just one missing ingredient – booze. Time to get the mocktails in! Jokes aside, Redemption Bar hurdles more of a crowd than you’d think, especially at the weekends. It would appear Londoners are beginning to spoil themselves without spoiling themselves. In addition to the alcohol-free bar are offerings of vegan, sugar-free and wheat free foods. Give a mocktail a try: The Frocorita – a coconut water, lime and birch syrup ‘frozen margarita’, blitzed with ice and rimmed with Himalayan mountain salt. Bottoms up baby!

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