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20 August 2018
In The Spotlight: Bodyism
There’s no better word to describe Bodyism than otherworldly. Its mindful interior and high grade adaptations, make this fitness space a city oasis for good health. We caught up with Bodyism CEO Nathalie Schyllert to find out what makes a wellness space and how they can change our lives.
There’s no better word to describe Bodyism than otherworldly. Its mindful interior and high grade adaptations, make this fitness space a city oasis for good health. We caught up with Bodyism CEO Nathalie Schyllert to find out what makes a wellness space and how they can change our lives.

What does a wellness space look like to you?
When you walk into a wellness space it should be spacious, bright and as natural as possible. The experience when you walk in and look around should make you feel positive, comfortable and at ease. You should feel inspired.
Tell us about the special wellness design and features of your studios.
The air in our studio is purified to help our members feel lighter and brighter from the moment they step inside. We created as much space as possible since most of our exercises involve using your own body weight, Bodyism exercise bands and Bodyism gliders. We’re not using much equipment. The little things make the biggest difference to a space; small plants, crystals and essential oil diffusers always make a space feel more natural. 

What initiated the idea to become London’s first studio with high grade health adaptations?
We wanted to create a unique space where members could walk in and feel at ease. The idea is to make exercising approachable in a space that feels as comfortable as working out in the privacy of your own home. We want our members to be the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves, so we’ve created different experiences that involve the whole family. From our healthy cafe, kids yoga, group classes and one-on-one sessions to Skin Matters facials and massages, there’s something for everyone. 
Why is your space so important for Londoners?
Our space is a sanctuary for Londoners with stressful, hectic and busy lives. Most of our clients have very busy work schedules and they can come into Bodyism and focus on their own health, without worrying about the outside world. We all tend to pay so much attention to others, but at Bodyism we remind our members to think about themselves, care for their mind and body. They can come in, eat healthy food, train without getting injured and get the treatments they need, all in one place. 
How have people benefited from your wellness space?
Our mission is ‘we change lives’ and we have definitely seen this in action in so many different ways. We have a lot of clients that have had injuries or other health problems and with the collaborative effort of our team for their nutrition, movement, sleep and mindset, we’ve guided them into good health. Having our members coming back happier and healthier everyday is the best feedback - it motivates us to do more. Bodyism is very much like a family; a lot of our members, trainers and staff come in on days they don’t train or work to hangout at the cafe.

Do you believe wellness interiors can positively impact mental health? 
Definitely. Exercise is already vital for healthy and positive mental health. Wellness interiors and spaces that are welcoming are especially important for people who shy away from exercise. Together with the calmness and privacy of Bodyism, the positivity and friendliness of our team make the most impact. 
What’s next?
Currently we’re focused on implementing the Bodyism way and method in our partnership locations. We’re increasing the use of outdoor spaces as much as possible, beautiful views, fresh air and the connection to nature make the biggest difference. Our locations in Turkey, Macakizi and D-Maris Hotel as well as our most recent gym in Heckfield Place, all offer outdoor training options.

Do you believe there’s a future for this kind of space in other establishments, like the workplace?
Yes definitely. Establishments are more and more focused on offering experiences and all-in-one packages. We’re currently already offering our services for residential properties, hotels and workplaces. To apply the little aspects and touches that make Bodyism special in different environments has been great. Corporate wellness definitely has a lot of future and we have been approached by a lot of clients lately. There’s a huge demand for corporate wellness - just this year we’ve had two new corporate partnerships with many more in the pipeline for next year. 
What’s your favourite wellness interior space in London?
Our Flagship Bodyism Club in Notting Hill brings everything I dream of in a wellness space together. Another would be an hour outside of London at Heckfield Place. Our Bodyism Cottage is so cosy and comforting - you can do yoga on the terrace and make your own post-workout shake in the kitchen. It just feels very homely. 
What three tips would you give for somebody looking to create a wellness sanctuary in their own home? 
Colours, plants and air purifiers. Colours and light is very important, natural colours and light makes you happier and gives you more energy. Plants create a nice connection to nature for homes in the city, and air purifiers with essential oils such as lemongrass will help put your mind and body at ease. 

If you want to feel as gorgeous as you look, pay Bodyism a visit right here.

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