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01 January 2018
7 Tips to Achieve Happy, Healthy & Realistic Goals
It's that time of year when everyone is setting goals, resolutions and putting plans in place for the coming months. It can be tempting to go in hard, setting 20 new goals to achieve in 2018. Sadly, this can actually set you up for failure and feeling demoralised when you don't achieve every single one. Instead, I want to set you on the path to success with my quick fire tips to achieving your goals!
1) Keep them minimal. Try to set 3-5 goals for the New Year maximum to avoid feeling overwhelmed. If you set too many it can lead to you doubting that you can achieve them all, and often giving up before you have even started!
2) Keep them realistic. Be gentle with yourself. Instead of aiming for daunting goals like buying a mansion,  focus on saving up for a deposit or opening up a help-to-buy ISA. This is much less intimidating, more achievable and therefore more motivating. We often see huge goals and don't even know where to start, whereas we feel more able to tackle smaller ones.

3) Keep them specific. Rather than saying "get fit" try setting a specific goal such as "I want to run my first 5km by March". This gives you a specific measurable goal with a time limit, which allows you to identify exactly how you can work towards this using smaller steps.
4) Set simple steps. Once you have your specific goal, it is time to think practically. Identify smaller steps you can take to work towards it. For example, if you're aiming to run 5km, you can get some trainers, plan your running schedule, add it into your diary and rope in a workout buddy!
5) Keep them positive. When I set goals, I focus on adding to my life rather than taking away. So instead of saying "I want to remove negative people from my life" I might frame it as "I want to give my time to the people who make me happy". Or to be more specific: "I want to spent one evening a week with a close friend of mine" or "I want to call my parents three times a week". 


6) Share them with your friends. Once we share our goals with others we feel much more accountable to them, which can give us a much needed boost of motivation. Why not go a step further and ask a friend to join you in a shared goal, such as, challenging a work colleague to bring in homemade salad twice a week for lunch together. That way you can keep each other inspired and on track.
7) Enjoy the journey! Ensure that you are setting goals that ultimately make you happier and healthier, and you are more likely to enjoy the process. Keep checking in and reminding yourself why you're making these small changes to your lifestyle. That way I'm sure you'll enjoy the journey of working towards achieving your 2018 goals!
You’ve got this!

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