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03 September 2018
In The Spotlight: Notorious LDN
There's a new London workout taking place on a helipad in Central, and we know the man held responsible for it. We caught up with Jamie Ray to find out how his new co-created workout, Notorious, is set to change the way Londoners workout forever.
There's a new London workout taking place on a helipad in Central, and we know the man held responsible for it. We caught up with Jamie Ray to find out how his new co-created workout, Notorious, is set to change the way Londoners workout forever. 

Tell us about your trio. How did you all come up with the idea?

Our trio is interesting to say the least. We all come from very different backgrounds, however there is very strong sense of a brotherhood amongst the three of us. Jamie Ray is one of the top trainers at Another Space, as well as being a Muay Thai fighter and mixed martial artist. Waz Ashayer is a trainer at BXR and is the in-house trainer for the models at his agency, Select Model Management. Lastly, Charlie Peters is a trainer at BXR, KXU and Equinox. He is the current UK number 1 at Muay Thai and K-1, as well as being a 3-time world champion.

Notorious LDN itself is a very new project, having only set up the company in early August. The idea came about after being offered a beautiful helipad space in central London. From there, things moved very quickly and the three of us were overwhelmed with the possible opportunity of executing a truly unique fitness experience.

What's your mission?

The mission is simple - we want to take over. The idea was simply to come together to inspire and motivate people to train together in a fun and memorable manner. The first part of our journey is that we want to take over unique spaces and venues and put on an epic full body fitness experience. In the future the options are endless...We have discussed the possibility of having our own studio and even delivering unforgettable retreats. There are so many things that excite us but for now the focus will be on executing the pop up workouts to perfection!

What's so notorious about your workout?

The positive feedback we have been getting so far is about the high energy levels we are bringing to each and every workout, and, most importantly, the positive effect on individuals. The warm relationship between the three us allows for a welcoming environment. It is by no means a militant operation; the workout is for all abilities. Whether you bring a squad down or you simply turn up on your own, you will leave on a legal high and feel part of a community. 

Who is your workout for?

Everyone! The three of us are highly experienced in dealing with people from all abilities and the main objective is to get the best out of everyone. The workout has multiple stations and is extremely diverse. The main thing is everyone starts and finishes as a team.

What can people gain from your classes?

Strength, HIIT and endurance are key parts of our programming. The helipad workouts have a combination of weighted vests, medicine balls, Bulgarian bags and ladders where individuals will be put to the test. Another main thing to take away will be an improved knowledge of martial arts. Charlie Peters instructs this station and his knowledge is second to none. 

Why the helipad?

To create something truly unique and gain identity you must do something that no one else is doing. It creates individuality for our brand, as well as providing a euphoric feeling for anyone who takes part. Working out can be delivered in so many ways and it’s important for us to always make sure it is enjoyable and we deliver a spectacle.

Do you think having a unique workout space motivates and encourages people to work out harder?

We are all so spoilt to live in this city - London is a truly amazing place. The views and architecture is something we rarely pay homage to. When you take part at a Notorious Helipad workout, you can’t ignore the beautiful views, iconic historic buildings and famous monuments - it’s breathtaking. Most people over indulge in the experience so whether it’s them putting in that extra work or simply taken back by the views, we have succeeded.

This is literally taking fitness to a new level. Do you have any other crazy ideas in the pipeline?

Our pop-ups will always be special and we will always have that wow factor. The main thing for us is that we align ourselves with the seasons. The helipad was something to celebrate the beautiful weather we have been getting. It goes without saying pop-up workouts are not the only thing we are working on. Creativity is at an all time high and we have a few things that we are very close to confirming - watch this space!

When, where and how much are your classes?

The helipad is situated opposite London Waterloo station and tickets at £20. The ticket link is available in our bio on our Instagram page @NotoriousLDN We also have some of the best sponsors on board who will be fuelling all participants pre and post workout. We are currently sold out of clases, however there will soon be more in the pipeline, so watch this space!
Get high on dopamine and high above London at Notorious LDN's next class - watch this space!

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