17 - 19 June 2022
The Truman Brewery
17 - 19 June 2022 / The Truman Brewery
04 September 2018
Bringing You... The Best of Balance TV
Health conscious urbanites, rejoice, as we bring you the very best of Balance TV....

Health conscious urbanites, rejoice, as we bring you the best of Balance TV...



Deliciously Ella | Nut Butter and Berry Compote

Sneak into Deliciously Ella's kitchen to find out what Ella Mills whips up for breakfast every morning - a quick and simple homemade nut butter and berry compote. Delicious, is an understatement.

The Doctor's Kitchen | Greek Style Stir Fry

Ever wondered what a doctor cooks, behind closed doors? Join Rupy from The Doctor's Kitchen as he throws together a super speedy and nutritious Greek-Style Breakfast Stir Fry, with lots of health tips and delicious advice on the way.




Jamie Ray | EXTREME 15 Minute HIIT PT. 1

You want energy? You got it. Nail this 15 Minute Intensive HIIT with Muay Thai Boxer Jamie Ray and feel alive. Get this one down and progress onto part 2 like a champ.

Zanna Van Dijk | 15 Minute Leg HIIT Workout


Allow HIIT Trainer Zanna Van Dijk to teach you a thing or two about toning and building strenght, in this burner of a 15 Minute Leg HIIT Workout.



Annie Clarke + Sonic Enchantment | Yoga and Shamanic Sound Journey

Join Annie Clarke and Sonic Enchantment on a deeply transformative yoga and sound journey. Release stress and allow euphoric sounds to guide you into a restorative and meditative yogic state. Namaste.

Steffy White | 20 Minute Twist and Rinse Yoga


Ready to say, 'goodbye negativity'? Rinse and twist it all out with Steffy White in this 20-minute flow yoga. Lay back and zen out afterwards with a well-earned Savasana.




Harry Jameson | How To Live Longer


Fancy knowing the secret to living longer? Harry Jameson unleashes his secret to living longer - good food, saunas, a sense of community, love, family and a cheeky dose of red wine and dark chocolate, everyday. Phew.

Barry's Bootcamp | Be The Best Version of You

We all truly want to be the best versions of ourselves, but how do we stay motivated and keep our heads in the game when we're juggling our lives, jobs and avo addictions, all at the same time? We caught up with the power crew behind Barry's Bootcamp to find out.

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