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06 December 2019
5 Ways To Make Your Busy Lifestyle Work For You
Whether it’s a meeting at 8am or functional training at 6pm, we’re all constantly busy. Under the pressure of trying to fit everything in, we too often try to prioritise everything, which defeats the purpose and we end up sacrificing sleep, putting ourselves in a vicious cycle. Have you ever thought that your schedule could be working more efficiently for you? Here’s a five-step guide to make your busy lifestyle more stress-free, efficent and enjoyable! 

Create a Routine

At the end of the day, we’re all creatures of habit. Implementing a routine will make it easier to plan your week, fit in all your tasks, and means you can pour extra energy into doing the activities you love! 

Open up your laptop and construct a weekly table, with days and times columns. Start to fill it with your errands, gym sessions, and anything else you want to do that week. Be realistic; try not to put too much into your schedule or put things at unrealistic times; factor in sleep, work and travel time. Now, add in some meal planning and prep – what are you going to eat? What are you going to drink? What do you need to do to make these things happen?

Test the schedule, and if it works out for one week then try to implement similar regular activities on the same days every week. You’ll find yourself less stressed, more able to stick to your routine and even create more free time for yourself! 

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Take a Step Back 

Still feel like there is too much on your plate? Don’t worry, we all get that sometimes; there are only 24 hours in the day and we’re only human. Create a pros and cons list of activities you think you might want to drop, and think about if they’re worth the price, time, and effort? Are you getting the same benefits from somewhere else? Perhaps your Pilates studio is too far away – why not vary your workout and try a studio closer to you. 

Use the time you save from making these swaps to make time for the people you love, like having tea with that friend that you’re always putting off because life is too busy. 

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Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Sleep

Hitting the hay early may seem counterproductive when it comes to getting things done, but it’s been shown that insufficient sleep significantly affects productivity and performance (1). Improve your sleep hygiene by making your bedroom a relaxing environment, avoiding your phone for at least an hour before bed and steering clear of caffeine in the afternoon.  

If you’re someone that finds it hard to relax, ending your day with a short yoga session may also be a good idea as it’s been proven to be beneficial to both for the body and mind, especially for reducing stress. Book into a class or find a yoga flow on YouTube to help you guide through easy breathing exercises that you can perform every day. 

Need a break from caffeine? If you’re aiming to cut down, try opting for a Caff Free tea. 

Reignite Your Glow

Learning and doing new things has been shown to boost confidence, build a sense of purpose and help to connect with others (2), and once you have these qualities in your life, suddenly your busy workload should seem much easier to face. 

With that in mind, try keeping a list of all the interesting places that make you think ‘I should totally go there sometime’? When you feel like cancelling plans because you aren’t feeling it or your schedule suddenly frees up, call up a friend and go to one of these instead. Visit to that exhibition, try that new Italian that’s opened on the corner, take that tea ceremony class you’ve been thinking about – it will help keep life interesting.

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Don’t Stress. Automate.

Have a think about what elements of your week can be completed by someone – or something – else. We all know by now that doing your grocery shopping online can both save you time and money, but taking it to the next level by opting for subscription services means you’ll never even have to remember to do your shopping, so no more last minute dashes to the supermarket. The best thing? You don’t even need to be home to make sure someone is there to accept your delivery, leaving you with more time to spend doing the things you love. 

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1 Rosekind, Mark R. PhD; Gregory, Kevin B. BS; Mallis, Melissa M. PhD; Brandt, Summer L. MA; Seal, Brian PhD; Lerner, Debra PhD. The Cost of Poor Sleep: Workplace Productivity Loss and Associated Costs. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine: January 2010 - Volume 52 - Issue 1 - p 91-98


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