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20 February 2019
Beat Decision Fatigue With This Fitness Fortune Teller
Like to mix up your workouts? Help is at hand…Try our Fitness Fortune Teller!
More and more of us are struggling to make decisions about everyday tasks and lifestyle activities – including exercise. Experts call this ‘decision fatigue’ and its part of a wider trend caused by the almost infinite growth of choices in all areas of life. 

So how can you beat decision fatigue?
At MINDBODY we’re big fans of helping you make informed choices about your fitness and wellbeing. We know that mixing up your fitness routine can boost motivation and keep workouts fresh. So, as a bit of fun we’ve produced a ‘Fitness Fortune Teller’ to help you select your next workout or wellbeing session.
So how does it work?
Well, you may remember these from your schooldays. The principle is simple; once you’ve assembled your Fortune Teller, pair up with a friend and ask them to pick a colour and number. You can then use the Teller to help pick a trending fitness or wellbeing activity.
Feeling creative?
Download your cut-out Fitness Fortune Teller

Here are some more tips on keeping your workouts fresh:
  1. Schedule your workout in advance, in the morning when your mind is at its clearest.
  2. Use the MINDBODY App to keep it simple – use the search filters in the app to select a studio close to you and keep your choice of workout options manageable.
  3. Plan your workout the night before.
  4. Don’t aim for perfection.
How to use your Fitness Fortune Teller…
  • Start with your thumb and index finger of both hands in the four pockets of the fortune teller.
  • Ask your friend to pick one of the colours of the top four flaps.
  • If the colour is RED, spell out the letters of ‘red’ while alternating a ‘pinching’ and ‘pulling’ motion with the Teller.
  • As you ‘pinch’ the Teller, it will reveal four of the numbers on the inner flaps and as you ‘pull’ the teller, it will show the other four numbers.
  • After spelling out R-E-D, you’ll see one of the sets of four numbers.
  • Your friend will then pick one of those numbers, and you’ll repeat the pinch and pull motion, counting the number out.
  • Once the number has been counted out, four numbers will be revealed. After one of the four numbers is picked, an exercise will be revealed and that’s your next workout! Enjoy!
Don't forget you can workout with MindBody at Balance Festival 2019 in their series of Find Your Fit classes tailored especially for beginners.

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