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17 January 2019
How To Set Life-Changing Goals That Actually Work
The dawn of a New Year: a transformational period evoking thoughts and feelings of personal growth, renewal, curiosity and excitement for what’s next. But for those without any defined goal or pathway ahead, it can seem like the turn into a daunting abyss of uncertainty.
This year, and ever year, for anybody seeking to make conscious change in their lives, these few simple techniques below will help you smash all your goals. Through mindful goal setting, big thinking, visualising and creating a new positive outlook to obtain your goal, anything is possible. Now, go tap into your power!

Set Goals That Excite You
What do you want? But more importantly, what excites you? What makes you leap out of bed in the morning? According to Tony Robbins, “You’re much more likely to put time and energy into something that excites you, so your goals should reflect that same level of momentum.” (1) Setting goals is an exciting process – it’s the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. Here’s how to effectively set them: 
Step 1. Identify your true purpose in life. This can take most people a lifetime to achieve, or maybe something they never realise, but by having an inkling into your life purpose you will create goals that hold true value to you and align with your life path.  

Step 2. Write down a list of everything you want to achieve, create or get experience in over the next 20 years. 

Step 3. Give each goal a realistic timeframe (1month, 1 year, 5 years, 20 years) just be realistic! 

Step 4. Review your list. What are you top 3 1-year goals? Being the most presently attainable, these goals should fill you with excitement. Now, write a statement explaining the reasons why you will attain this goal this year.  

Step 5. Read out loud to yourself. 

Think Big, Think Positively  

In order to achieve big, you have to think big. Setting goals holds no weight if you don’t believe in your potential to harness them. The Law of Attraction plays a huge role in how we achieve our goals through positive thinking. According to Michael Losier’s The Law of Attraction (2), you attract into your life whatever you focus your attention and energy on, be it positive or negative. The energy you emanate, is the energy you receive back - it’s a universal law. Think back to one of those days, when everything just kept going wrong; when the negative experiences spiraled out of control, in alignment with your negative mood and you began to wonder – “OH, WHY ME?” Well, that’s the universe doing its thing.
According to Deepak Chopra, The LOA responds to your vibration. So think, dream and feel your desired outcomes and the universe will match that vibe with more of the same. (3) Here’s how to practice the LOA when obtaining goals:
Step 1. Set your intention – clarify the desirable outcome from manifesting your goal.

Step 2. Consciously focus your attention on the achievement of that desire.

Step 3. Release any tension you might have about achieving your goal (you’ve got it in the bag!), and allow goodness to flow your way. 

Use Visualisation Techniques To Empower
One of the most life-shifting practices in goal manifesting is the power of visualisation. During this process, the imagination is everything.  A famous American cosmetic surgeon and author, Maxwell Maltz (1889-1975), once combined his daily work experiences as a surgeon with profound studies of the human psychology. In his famous book, Psycho Cybernetics (4), published in 1960, Maxwell came to the conclusion that our self-image is a reflection of our mental health. Therefore, all of our successes and failures happen in our life as a result. His findings paved the way for most of today’s personal empowerment programmes.  
In order to overcome a negative self-image and achieve positive goals, Maxwell Maltz explains how we must redefine a new self-image - one that resembles us the closest. Regardless of our past experiences, or any opinion we have of ourselves, what lies within us all is the innate ability to be happy and successful in everything we put our minds to. In order to reach a new way of thinking about our self-images, the answer lies in our imaginations. As our brain doesn’t distinguish between reality and imagination, all information is sent through via our thoughts. Thus we can imagine a new version of ourselves through our attitude and interpretation of various future situations known as ‘de-scribing’. 
Tap into Your Power and... Repeat!

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