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13 September 2019
What's The Deal With Crystal Healing?
Even if not officially, 2019 will go down as the year that hippy life and wellness truly became at one with one another.
Even if not officially, 2019 will go down as the year that hippy life and wellness truly became at one with one another. We’re swapping pills for turmeric lattes, reaching for CBD to calm our nerves, and making meditation a serious part of our lives. But it’s in the world of crystal healing that this change is most visible; in case you didn’t know, sleeping with a quartz in hand is now a legit thing.

Proponents of crystal healing believe that it can contribute to physical, emotional spiritual wellbeing by working in combination with your body’s natural energy field, otherwise known as your chakra. Keen to know more, we spoke to Bev Rafferty, founder of Pure Crystals, who make water bottles containing crystals, to find out how it all works.

What are the potential benefits of introducing crystals into your wellness routines?

Through the stresses of day-to-day living we often become out of balance which can lead us to feel stressed, we may struggle with sleep or we may just begin to feel low and vibrate at a lower energy.  When we are out of balance we are not functioning to our true potential. Crystals can help to bring back some balance and healing to our mind body and soul. 

How do crystals work and what ways are there to use them?

Crystals have a healing vibration, which we can harness to support areas of our day-to-day life to raise our vibrations.

There are many ways to work with crystals, having them in a crystal water bottle is just one way, this allows you to drink in the energies of your crystals.  You can also wear them as a piece of jewellery, so that the vibration of your chosen crystal will flow through the layers of your skin to where ever you need it.

A tumble-stone, thumb-stone or a palm-stone, works in similar ways. These can be placed in your pocket or in a little pouch.  I always suggest keeping these as close to your physical body as you can so that your body or your aura (the area around your physical body) can receive the crystal vibration.  

Once you start to hold your crystal you are making a connection and are opening up to its energies.  I always like to ask the crystal to work with me for my highest good.  Using a crystal in Meditation is also an amazing way of working with its energies.

Can just having them around you work?

Definitely. If you want to bring the healing vibrations into a space for example, say you work in an environment that may be slightly negative or stressed then there are crystals that you can place on your desk that can help to absorb the negative energies or can help to prevent that negative energy flowing towards you. In a sense that crystal is a barrier between the negativity in the area and your energies.

How do you choose the crystals that are right for you?

It is often said (and I truly believe) that crystals choose us. So, if we go into a crystal shop or an event where there are crystals sold, we will often be drawn to a particular crystal. Our intuition guides us to the energy we may benefit from and can be influenced by the colour or the vibrations we feel.

When you then research the healing benefits of our chosen crystal it will often resonate with something that you may need support with in your day-to-day life.  It is your inner knowing and your intuition that guides you to the right crystal, however you can also research the benefits or properties of different crystals to support you in a particular way.  For instance, if you need help with calming your mind, you can search for this and you will often be guided to use an amethyst crystal. 

Tell us a bit more about some different kinds of crystals…

Rose quartz is great for self-love and belief, amethyst is for calm and smoky quartz helps to absorb negative energies, so these are good crystals to use in these situations.  There are many more that could help too, depending on the situation.  Amethyst and rose quartz are also wonderful to have in your bedroom to bring calm and loving energies into that space.

Are some crystals more powerful than others?

All crystals have their own level of 'power' or energy and we will all experience these energies differently, although it is said that there are crystals which have a higher vibration.  One of the most powerful crystals is 'moldavite', which is only found in the Czech Republic and was formed 15 million years ago when a meteorite crashed near a Czechoslovakian river.  Many people who have experienced working with moldavite will agree this crystal has very powerful energies which can bring amazing energies to you. 

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