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15 April 2020
The WFH Snacks You Won't Be Able To Put Down
To be honest, we're not entirely sure working from home is the reason we're snacking hard and fast - it's something we did when we were back in the office too. Nonetheless, here's a few of our favourites... 
To be honest, we're not entirely sure isolation is the reason we're snacking hard and fast - it's something we did when we were back in the office too. Nonetheless, here's a few of our favourites... 

We Are Little’s Flavoured Coffee

Okay, so coffee isn’t a snack, but it’s not like we’re getting through the day without it. We Are Little’s range of flavoured coffee includes Chocolate Chai, French Vanilla and even Havana Rum!

Get it here

Brave's Dark Chocolate Chickpeas

These crunchy little chocolate-coated chickpeas are everything we look for in a snack - healthy with a hint of hedonism.

Get them here

Chocolate Coconut RX Bar

Whether it’s as a post virtual workout snack or just to offset the mid-afternoon slump (which seems far more pronounced at home), this RX Bar is as sweet and satisfying as it is filling. Alterantively, the Blueberry Bar is equally yummy and also chocka-block full of goodness

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Conscious Chocolate, Orange & Tangerine

This chocolate ticks all the boxes: It’s made using Fairtrade ingredients, is dairy free, gluten free, soya free and free from refined sugars, and all the packaging is recyclable, biodegradable and home compostable.

Get it here


Want to feel like you’re doing something good for the world while snacking at home? For every bar bought, Nucao plant a tree somewhere in the world! In a satisfying little twist, this ­­melt-in-the-mouth chocolate’s coating is sweetened with a dash of coconut nectar instead of sugar.

Get it here

The Coconut Collective Natural Yoghurt

Fruity and fresh, this one is great in the morning. Chop a banana, add some frozen berries and a generous scoop of this tasty yoghurt, and you’ve got a dessert-worthy snack to see you through until lunchtime.  

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Vegan-friendly, blending pre-and-probiotics with supergreens, and fortified with vitamins and minerals, a mid-afternoon nuut smoothie offers a much-needed boost.

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Supernature’s Raspberry Chocolate Raisins

Do these count as a fruity or a fancy? To be honest, they're a bit of both: sweet, chewy raisins, dipped in chocolate made from cocoa butter, coconut sugar and cocoa powder, and sprinkled with freeze-dried raspberries.

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Bounce Balls

Imagine a crunchy ball of peanut butter you can eat with your fingers, in front of your spreadsheets. This is it.

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Okay, so we don’t need to be minty fresh right now – it’s not like we’re going within a 2m radius of anyone else, after all – but they are surprisingly helpful in creating more of a ‘day time is work time’ kind of vibe. Plus, they look really cute in your home office.  

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Drinking cocktails at your desk at 4pm is rarely acceptable in the office, but with a recipe this good, anything goes. Don’t worry, boss – it’s alcohol free.

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