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27 April 2020
Why This Athlete Is Making Skipping His Go-To During Lockdown
Nathaniel Wood, UFC Bantamweight and TCA Athlete, on why skipping is his go-to lockdown fitness hack.
Once associated with playgrounds, skipping is now the dark horse of the fitness world; if you’ve tried it at any time since the age of seven, you’ll know that (much like the monkey bars) it’s a whole lot more challenging as an adult that you remember it being way back when. Heart rate? Sky high. Legs? Dead.

With a rope costing just a few pounds and easily adaptable to wherever you are – balcony, garage, garden – it’s perhaps one of the most democratic forms of exercise out there. And unlike mastering the perfect push-up form, you already know exactly what to do!

Nathaniel Wood, UFC Bantamweight and TCA Athlete, is here to tell us why skipping is his go-to lockdown fitness hack.

Professional athletes use it for a reason…

Skipping is a technique many of us fighters use as it allows us to increase our footwork and coordination. Skipping involves using your arms and legs together, moving in a rhythm that is essential for MMA fighting, and many other sports.

It’s a great physical workout…

Skipping doesn’t require fancy equipment or loads of space; yet you can burn between 200-300 calories in 15 minutes (25% more calories than running), hence allowing you to stay fit from the confines of your house or garden.

It has mental benefits too…

Finally, there are so many tricks to learn that you will never get bored! It’s a much more exciting way of keeping fit than your average road run. Learning a new skill is one of the most rewarding things you can do, especially something like skipping which keeps you both mentally and physically healthy during isolation!
So why not instead use this time to learn this new skill? Although you may find it difficult at first, it’s important to keep pushing through. Practice makes progress!

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