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01 February 2020
The People Behind The Brands: Simon Johnson, Restore Me CBD
When Simon Johnson, the founder of new wellness company Restore Me CBD, first discovered cannabidiol he knew it had the power to change lives. We caught up with Simon and his team to learn more about the lessons they've learned in launching their business.
When Simon Johnson, the founder of new wellness company Restore Me CBD, first discovered cannabidiol he knew it had the power to change lives. The natural, non-intoxicating compound that’s derived from the cannabis plant has been associated with a host of therapeutic benefits from relieving aches and pains and reducing inflammation to tackling anxiety.

For Simon, personal battles with mental health and an exasperation with traditional medicine’s reliance on prescription pills led him to try CBD: "I have been in sobriety for six years and having issues with alcohol comes hand in hand with some forms of depression," Simon explained to the Balance Journal. "Most GPs simply prescribe antidepressants and it made me extremely uncomfortable that this was their only solution to so many problems to do with anxiety, depression and sleep issues. I didn’t want to take that route and instead found the natural plant medicine of CBD.”
The result was Restore Me CBD, a full spectrum CBD oil made from completely natural ingredients and delivered in 100% eco-friendly packaging. More than just a high quality product, the company exists to inspire, educate and aid people with the daily rituals of life. “Think of us as your daily prevention, rather than a cure,” Simon says. “Just 25mg a day to a better, clearer life.”

At the start of their journey as a fully fledged business, we caught up with Simon and Restore Me CBD’s marketing and social media manager Rosie Battimelli to learn more about the lessons they’ve learned in launching their new company.
What is Restore Me CBD’s mission? 

To provide CBD support to your daily rituals and to educate the world of the benefits of natural healing. We’re driving a conscious revolution to support people with anxiety, relieve pain and improve their sleep and focus. 

Simon, tell us about the moment you knew your business had the power to change lives?

When I was battling with anxiety CBD gave me a little bit of light and opened the door so I could move away from the darker days. It’s not a cure and not a shortcut. You still have to put the work in to get better but it’s a supporting aid. As a company, we encourage those who suffer from anxiety to use our CBD product alongside exercise, plant healing, reading and using positivity to improve their outlook on life. 

What has been the greatest challenge to your business so far?

Finding reputable and trustworthy CBD suppliers. When I started out my focus was to find the best European suppliers I could, providing good, clean lab reports, and to find companies who were small enough to take care of a new company but big enough to guarantee a supply for our monthly subscribers. Now we’re working with two European suppliers who take the utmost care of our CBD. It is organic and you can trace it straight to the source. And, most importantly, we have a good friendship with the people we do business with.

What has been the greatest innovation within your sector in the past five years? 

The growth of podcasting and quality of the conversation around CBD has hugely helped people better understand the sector. Podcasters like Joe Rogan, Mary Jane Gibson and Ross Rebagliati, a former pro snowboarder, along with lots of UFC fighters who discuss the benefits online are providing great insight into the world of CBD wellbeing. 

Who has been the most influential person in your business journey and what role did they play? 

I take a lot of inspiration and work ethic from my grandfather. He loved life and everything that was around him. He worked his way from growing up an orphan to having one of the most popular greengrocers in southeast London. When I’m back home people still talk about it. I can always recall him picking me up to go to the fruit market in Greenwich dressed in a freshly ironed shirt and tie, ready to start his day at five in the morning. As well as working really hard he liked to have fun and was always playing practical jokes. His energy was contagious and is something I try to replicate in my life.

What advice would you share with anyone wanting to launch a new business?

A valuable lesson I’ve learned is that as good as an idea is, it’s never going to work by just thinking you’ve found the Holy Grail. Pick people you feel comfortable working with. If it doesn’t feel right then it’s not. Always have a business plan that you check in with on a weekly basis.

How has wellness become a way of life for your consumers? 

Rosie: We are not just a CBD product, but a hub of information and support network for all our consumers, offering advice in every aspect of life.

What are you most excited to discover at this year's Balance Festival?

RB: To experience the wellness community coming together to enrich in a day of connection, learning and sharing from one another.

What do you think is the next big thing in the world of wellness?

RB: Collectively going back to our roots with all things natural along with using more ancient medicine and plant power to support ourselves and protect our planet.

Meet the team and try Restore Me CBD for yourself at Balance Festival 2020.

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