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03 July 2020
10 Yogis You Really Need To Know About
Much like a favourite kind of chocolate bar or your ideal toast topping, most yoga lovers have styles of practice and individual teachers that float their boat. If you're on the hunt for a new yogi inspiration, these are some of the best yoga teachers to check out.
Strength, stability, flexibility, improved mobility: the physical benefits of yoga are numerous and much lauded. And with lockdown lingering on, the mental benefits of a little time on the mat are more front of mind than ever. Some days it's to still the mind with soothing breaths and deep stretches, other days it's to distract it completely with an enthusiastic attempt at crow pose. 

Much like a favourite kind of chocolate bar or your ideal toast topping, most yoga lovers have styles of practice and individual teachers that float their boat. If staying home more than you'd like is getting to your head, or you just need to shake things up by discovering a new yogi inspiration, these are the accounts to check out.

Michael James Wong

A Balance Festival yoga OG, Michael James Wong is the founder of Just Breathe and Boys of Yoga, and he’s always on hand to dispense wise advice, like how to nail crow pose or meditation tips for beginners.

Fi Clark

The Head of Yoga at London’s FLY LDN studio, Fi’s IG Live classes aren’t just engaging, they’re informative too, such as delving into why certain asanas help the brain-gut connection and exactly how yoga works to relieve tension.

Jonelle Lewis

She nailed her slot at Balance Festival 2019, delivering a session that was the perfect mix of challenging and chill-inducing. Focused on making yoga accessible and inclusive, you can experience the magic of practicing with Jonelle for yourself by following the link in her IG bio. And aside from being a fab teacher, her smile is actual sunshine for the soul.

Hannah Barrett

The absolute queen of core-work, Hannah’s videos often focus on building strength and are - more often that not - set to banging tracks. Can you take on one of her wall drills? She makes it look easy. We did not. 

Peace Alima

The kind of yoga teacher that puts the wind in your sails and convinces you that you can do anything – even arm balances, in my case – Peace is of the most confidence-boosting teachers we’ve come across in a long time. Find weekly timetables for vinyasa, rocket and yin zoom classes on her Insta.

House of Voga

Fun. Energetic. Sassy. A little bit silly; a whole lot extra. Is this yoga, or a party? We're not sure. Either way, we’re here for it.

Patrick Beach

Long before mobility work hit the mainstream, California-based Patrick was flexing and flowing like no one else and his insane transitions will leave you gasping. Thinking about becoming a teacher? He spoke to us about his journey from yoga novice to one of the world’s most in-demand yogis.

Cat Meffan

We've long loved Cat’s YouTube classes, but her IG offers so much more than that: positive affirmations, book recommendations, doses of down-to-earth realism, outfit inspiration, occasional poetry.

Tameka Small

If building a morning routine is one of your goals, try Tameka's super speedy three-minute sunrise yoga routine – perfect for while you’re waiting for your morning coffee to brew. Great for new mums, she's currently sharing her postnatal recovery progress via Instagram and super-useful advice on her website.

Adam Husler

If lockdown life has left you hunched over, Adam’s anti-desk stretches will be sure to straighten you out once more. Follow him for wise advice and deep thoughts that'll help your practice - and your life in general. 

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