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18 June 2020
Your Guide To Recreating The Mediterranean Summer at Home
While many of us won’t get to dip our toes in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea this year, or feel that satisfying wave of warm air as you step off the plane, there’s certainly a joy to be found in enjoying summer with the ones you love, right here at home.

It’s Friday evening and the sun’s starting to fade from the sky. Holidays might be on pause for now, but the evening is warm. Your laptop is closed, the working week finally done. The floaty skirts and shorts are out. There’s music playing in the background. A friend has joined you in your garden, and you’re making the most of this sweet glimpse of post-lockdown freedom.
While many of us won’t get to dip our toes in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea this year, or feel that satisfying wave of warm air as you step off the plane, there’s certainly a joy to be found in enjoying summer with the ones you love, right here at home. If there’s one thing that 2020 has taught us so far, it’s how to enjoy the simpler things in life.
Victor Ruiz, founder of VITA Vodka, a new premium vodka from Spain that’s designed specifically to be mixed with water, is an expert in taking the magical spirit of this region and recreating it. He says that the key to nailing the Med-del-Mayfair vibe is not how you where you enjoy it, but in making it an experience that you share with others: “Sharing is in our culture, and I like to always make an occasion of drinking with friends.”
The Food
Can a Friday night really fulfil its potential if there’s no healthy-but-hedonistic food to devour? We don’t think so. Often lauded as among world’s most nutritious styles of eating, and advocated for everything from reducing the risk of diabetes to maintaining a healthy cholesterol level, the Mediterranean diet packed full of healthy fats and antioxidants: “Growing up in Spain the lifestyle is very relaxed and the diet is very healthy. Think fresh fruit and vegetables, natural ingredients, and whole foods. This is what inspired VITA’s natural flavour and concept.”
Add a Mediterranean sharing spread to your picnic party and you’ll be instantly transported to the lush, green rolling hills of this beautiful region. Well, mentally, at least. Swap the crisps for carrots, grab the hummus and some colourful peppers for dipping, and you’re almost all set. Our other favourites include olives, cherry tomatoes and mini mozzarella, cucumber and Greek yogurt, crusty bread with balsamic and olive oil (of course) and some creamy feta.
The Drink
Life is about Balance, and there’s every chance you’re going to fancy a drink or two. You’re in the mood for something light. Something not laden with sugars or artificial flavours. Something that won’t make you bloat or feel heavy alongside your salsa dip. But if the idea of the vodka, lime and soda would usually make you wince, then you’re in good company. You’re in need of something more… fancy.
Crafted by a family-owned distillery on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, at Barcelona, VITA’s crisp vodka is made with premium Italian wheat, low mineralization water and botanicals sourced from all corners of this beautiful region, including sun-ripened lemons for a citrus twist. Founded on the belief there should be more options for low-sugar drinking, and free from artificial flavours and additives, it’s like the mature older sister of the aforementioned classic.
How to prepare this tasty tipple? Simply pour VITA over plenty of ice, add still or sparkling water and garnish with a fresh orange wedge. And voila, you have a zesty, citrus-flavoured drink that will conjure up memories of the remote beaches and sapphire waters of the Mediterranean. Perfect for a long, relaxed evening of setting the world to rights, it’s simple to make once or to scale up for all your friends!

Everything Else
Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather – we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed for you on that one – but there’s a few other must-haves to creating the perfect party experience. Most importantly, friends; not only a nice to have, social interaction has been proven to reduce the effects of stress contribute heavily to overall long-term health. Just remember to observe the six-person limit!
For the final finishing touches, add a little Med-inspired décor – think colourful flowers, citronella candles and luxurious geometric throws to wrap up in when the sun sets and it gets a little chiller. And if you really want to go all out, you could always get a paddling pool to dip your toes into!
VITA is donating 100% of its profits to Mind, the Mental Health Charity. The generous donations from the vodka will continue until the end of June. Find out more about the vodka over on their website or their Instagram.


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