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23 March 2020
Good News Stories To Make You Smile This Week
With doom-and-gloom side of Covid-19 hogging the headlines, the good news hasn’t had a look in - we’re here to set that right with a few of the stories you may have missed this week…
Let’s face it, it’s been a bleak old week or so on the news front, and for a lot of people times have looked better. If there’s one thing that’s helped keep spirits it’s the holding on to the knowledge that there are good things going on in the world, yet with doom-and-gloom side of Covid-19 hogging the headlines, the good news hasn’t had a look in. We’re here to set that right, with a few of the stories you may have missed...

Pollution Levels Have Fall Across The Globe

With cities on lockdown, traffic jams (temporarily) on hold and industrial plants on temporary lockdown, air pollution levels across the world have fallen. According to new data released by the European Space Agency, the reduction is particularly visible in northern Italy, with falling nitrogen levels coinciding with the country’s lockdown to prevent the spread of the disease. The shift mirrors earlier data from China, where NASA satellites revealed a drop in pollution levels across its major cities.

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These Czech Fashion Students Lending A Hand

A group of students from Prague’s Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design’s studios have been putting their talents to good use, creating hundreds of face masks using odds and sods fabric and sending them out to hospitals, retirement homes, volunteers or and anyone else who wants them. The initiative was launched after the Czech government made it mandatory to wear face masks in all shops and offices, but neglected to actually provide them.

You Can Now Tour Museums At Home

Fear not, culture vultures, because while many of London’s institutions are now closed for the foreseeable future, Google Arts and Culture have hooked up with more than 2500 institutions across the globe to allow you to tour them from the comfort of your sofa. Among them, you’ll find London’s British Museum, New York’s Museum Of Modern Art and Paris’ Musée d’Orsay. Hello, working from home - it’s not procrastinating if it’s educational, right?

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Alcohol Distillers Are Getting Creative…

We love a business that works hard to do good in the world, and with a slowdown in demand for anything that’s not toilet roll and chopped tomatoes, many are becoming more creative with how they use their time. Take Healey's Cyder Farm in Cornwall, for example - instead of producing their usual cider, gin and whisky, they're using their on-site distillery to produce hand sanitizer, and will be delivering 100 litres of it to the county's main hospital by the end of the week!

Venice's Waterways Clear

The reduction in river traffic in Venice has had an unexpected side-effect – the clearing of the city’s canals. With less pollution being chugged into the waterways, fish are now visible, swans are now err… swanning, and dolphins have even been spotted swimming in the port. Go Mother Nature!


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