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18 March 2020
The Podcasts to Listen to While You Work Out (Or Work From Home)
If you find yourself trapped on a treadmill or just need a workout that really switches you off from the outside world, a podcast may be the answer.
There’s nothing that will take you from a resentful plodder to a graceful gazelle quite as instantly as the moment that *your* tune comes floating through your headphones. Whether it transports you to the stage of The Greatest Showman or the dancefloor of a dub festival, it’s basically the fitness equivalent of a tequila shot, but with less chance of a nasty hangover.

Sometimes though, what we need is to just zone out; not every run, gym or swim session has to be about the pace. In fact, if you find yourself trapped on a treadmill because the British weather has let you down again (fair weather runners, we feel you) or just need a workout that really switches you off from the outside world, then you might something other than a heavy bass to help you on your way. 

Gain Inspiration: Well Far

If you’re training for a long-distance event, then Amy Lane’s Well Far is not only an invaluable resource, but a great distraction tool too. Covering everything from nutrition to how your menstrual cycle affects your workout, we totally recommend checking out the entire series, but if you’re in need of a major inspiration boost, her Season 1 chat with Balance Festival ambassador Adrienne Herbert will remind you why you need to keep plodding on.  

Swot Up: Talking Tastebuds

Ayurveda is the word on everyone’s lips right now, but here’s the truth - you can be the most divine, most knowledgeable, most well-informed of wellness warriors and still not really know what it actually is. Something to do with doshas and body balance, right? This wonderful episode, part of Venetia Falconer’s wider Talking Tastebuds series demystifies this complex topic, without making you feel like you’re behind the times.  

Learn Something New: Food For Thought by Rhitrition

Here at Balance Festival, the wonderful Rhiannon Lambert has long been someone we’ve turned to for advice on all things nutrition, be it gut health or how food affects your mood. In this chart-topping podcast, the leading nutritionist’s covers topics including sugar addiction and the links between food and major health conditions, as well as helping to sort the fact from the fiction by busting common food myths.

Fully Zone Out: The Dropout

Indulging your true-crime addict tendencies without the bloodshed, if you haven’t already listened to this gripping six-part series then consider it your new favourite workout partner. Recounting the story of Elizabeth Holmes, went from a luxe life as the world’s youngest self-made billionaire – by the age of 19, no less – to a facing years and years in federal prison, it offers an at-times dark insight into extent people will go to in order to realise their ambitions. A great one for a pre-work gym session, it’ll remind you why your 9-5 probably isn’t quite so bad.

Short but Sweet: Beyond Today

If you only have 20 minutes or so to get your workout done, the BBC’s Beyond Today is guaranteed to keep you occupied and help you catch up on what’s going on in the world at the same time. Focusing on one topical issue every day, it digs deeper into the stories making the headlines and features interviews with those in the know.  

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