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20 March 2020
The Studio Sessions To Stream From Your Lounge
Many of the city’s most exciting boutique studios and top trainers are offering at-home workouts, streamed live on Instagram every day - here's who to get your 'gram on with.
In times of stress or uncertainty, many of us turn to exercise as a way of maintaining a little of equilibrium in our lives. But with most London gyms now having temporarily shut their doors, and your step counter likely to get limited action while adhering to the 'one walk a day' rule, we’re having to be a little more creative in the way we work out.

Fortunately, in an effort to keep us all moving – from the relative comfort of our living rooms – many of the city’s most exciting boutique studios and top trainers are offering at-home workouts, streamed live on Instagram every day. So, who to get your ‘gram on with? Here's a few picks.


Four times every day, Digme are streaming live workouts based on their signature classes via Instagram Live. For obvious reasons you won’t be getting a spin session, but with short HIIT and core-focused classes, plus full-length yoga flows, these are a great way to get some movement into your day. What's more, they've just introduced Digme on Demand, with access to full-length classes including cycle and Digme on Demand + Live, where you can book into live sessions with your favourite instructors. 


Barry’s Bootcamp

No one has ever (and we mean EVER) said that the floor section of a Barry’s class is easy, and their daily at-home workouts are absolutely no different. Focusing on a different area each day – Ass & Abs, Upper Body, Lower Body – these 30-minute bodyweight ‘classes’ are designed to make you feel the burn, plus there’s even a treadmill option for those of you lucky enough to have access to one at home!



At 9am, from Monday-Friday, F45 at Tottenham Court Road are streaming live bodyweight workouts, for you to follow along with at home. Expect burpees and banter – and probably for the people from down stairs to bang on the ceiling. Sorry neighbours! 


Beeja Meditation

With so much uncertainty and misinformation, and so much time cooped up at home with your thoughts, many people will feel their anxiety levels rising, so looking after your head is just as important as looking after your body. Beeja Meditation, founded by Will Williams, are hosting daily guided meditations to help keep your fear and panic to a manageable level.


Breathwork with Richie Bostock

Balance Festival’s go-to breathwork expert Richie Bostock is hosting online breathwork sessions focused around different topics, incluinding alleviating isolation and reframing stress. Totally free, as he puts it: “All you need is your phone, your headphones and your lungs!”


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