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21 October 2021
DAN'S: London's Happiest Workout
Picture the scene: intense, calorie-burning, dance-inspired workouts set to pulsating Latin beats, guaranteed to boost your mood and fitness. That’s the vibe dance-fitness studio DAN’S are serving up in the heart of London. To find out more about the capital’s happiest workout, we caught up with Founder Daniel Bermeo.

In a very crowded boutique fitness industry what makes DAN’S unique?

At DAN’S we are changing how people feel about fitness forever – giving you a total workout from the inside out. We're much more than a boutique dance-fitness studio. People are coming into our immersive, Latin-inspired studios and leaving with their fitness and mood boosted – 95% of our DAN'Sers report feeling the positive mental benefit of our classes.

DAN'S dance-fitness studio in Oxford Circus – the home to London's happiest workout

What class concepts has DAN’S created?

We have developed three class concepts designed for you to train and feel like a dancer. POWER UP is our maximum intensity workout where you can lift weights and push your limits with high-energy cardio stepper routines to pumping Latin house beats. Then we have SWEAT, a selection of choreographed calorie-burning classes targeting glutes and legs, abs and arms or total body, all set to three powerhouse Latin beats. Finally we have GROOVE – free your inner dancer as you learn the steps and feel the heat to contagious beats from reggaeton and salsa to bachata and Latin fusion.

What has been the response from customers so far?

We’ve been overwhelmed by the response so far – with more than 2,500+ 5-star reviews. Even more encouraging has been the surveys we’ve done with our DAN’Sers which has shown that 95% of them felt the workout boosted their mood as well as their fitness. That’s why we believe we’re the home of London’s happiest workout!

What led you to create DAN’S?

I’m originally from Ecuador, but living in London for over 12 years I sensed this great city can often feel emotionally cold. One day I walked into a dance studio, keen to learn to dance and impress a girl I liked. Before I knew it, dancing rapidly became a key part of my day – and life. It made me happy. I realised people in London needed this. It needed a destination that brought people happiness. And there’s no better way to do that than dance. My idea wasn’t about reinventing zumba, or opening up an outdated dance studio. It was about making dance accessible, aspiration and cool. 

95%25 of our DAN'Sers report feeling the positive mental benefit of their dance-fitness classes

Besides the physical boost of your classes, why is the mental and social boost so important at DAN’S?

We're pioneering a new “fitness culture” in the heart of London. Our studios create a wildly authentic and exotic experience for our DAN'Sers. The pulsating mix of Latin beats, frenzied passion and encouragement to free your feelings gives DAN'Sers a uniquely transformative and unforgettable fitness experience. All of this combined with small class sizes, an empowering space and a great social programme means we're creating a home away from home for everyone.

Can DAN'Sers join you online too?

Yes, on our online platform DAN'S At Home. We’ve harnessed the expertise of our world-class instructors via our app and online platform to create our very own “masterclasses”. We currently have more than 3,000 views with subscribers learning globally-popular Latin dance styles and rhythms from wherever they are across the world. Best of all, DAN’S At Home is available on-demand 24/7, whenever you need to give your mood a lift. 

DAN’S will be bringing the energy on the Main Stage at Balance Festival 2021. For DAN’S first timers you can claim two classes for you and a friend at their Oxford Circus studio for just £22. Claim your offer here.

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