Mindful Cocktail Recipe: V for Vogue

Sep 29, 2021
Mindful Cocktail Recipe: V for Vogue
We're already clinking our glasses over this deliciously cleaner version of a Moscow Mule made with alcohol-free spiced apple spirit and ginger!


- 50ml CleanCo Clean V Spiced Apple
- 25ml GIMBER
- Top up with Fever-Tree Mexican Lime Soda


Step 1: Fill your copper mug with cubed ice 
Step 2. Measure and pour your CLEAN V & GIMBER.

Step 3. Top up with soda.

Step 4. Garnish et voila!

About the ingredients...

CleanCo Clean V Spiced Apple* has aromatic hints of green apple and cinnamon spice set the scene for a perfectly balanced blend of fresh and lively flavours, with a classic warm alcohol-like sensation to finish.

GIMBER* is an amazing no alcohol, full-flavoured kick to add to your mindful drinking list. Made up of 38% ginger, lemon, herbs and spices; it's not only delicious, but it's also nutritious! It can be used in drinks, hot or cold, and even your cooking.

Fever-Tree Mexican Lime Soda* is made with Tahiti lime from Mexico’s fertile groves in addition to pressed oil extract from the wonderfully floral Japanese yuzu, to create a low-calorie soda. It has a slight bite from the juicy citrus that is rounded off by the same fruit’s natural sweetness. It’s incredibly refreshing and makes a beautiful long drink with premium vodka or 100%-agave tequila.

Let us mix you up a cocktail using CleanCo x La Maison Wellness, at our no-and-low alcohol bar, located in the VIP suite at Balance Festival 2021. 

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