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21 July 2022
The Unexpected Fun Of Mindful Cocktail Making
Could you enjoy your evening tipple more by choosing a mindful cocktail instead of a high ABV one? Here's why low-alcohol and alcohol-free cocktails are the most fun you can have without getting a hangover.
If there are two things that go hand in hand, it’s summer evenings and cocktails. Fresh, fruity, zingy: whatever you’re into, there’s probably a drink for you. However, what often also goes hand in hand is, unfortunately, cocktails and hangovers. Enter, 'mindful drinking'. 

Simply put, mindful drinking is the act of choosing your drinks with consideration - rather than just on auto-pilot - so that they enhance your experience of an evening or event. For some this could mean choosing low alcohol cocktails, for others this might mean opting for a non-alcoholic version completely. 

What are mindful cocktails?

Camille Vidal, founder of mindful drinking platform La Maison Wellness is on a mission to 'bring mindfulness into the glass' and continually developes unique recipes on behalf of incredible low and no alcohol brands: “Think of it in three handy options: remove, reduce or replace. Thankfully we now know that tasty doesn’t have to be boozy! With the rise of no and low alcoholic products you now have a large range of delicious options that will feel as grown up and sophisticated as your usual suspects.”

At Balance Festival 2021, Camille is curating the mindful drinking experience with dedicated zone 'The Well' as well as taking over the VIP area as the 'La Maison Wellness Mindful Cocktail Bar'. But until then, here’s why you should definitely try your hand at making your own at home… 

Why make mindful cocktails?

It’s a lot of fun 

Just like mastering the perfect spag bol (everyone’s is different, it’s cool), there’s something special about taking the time to find a drink that you love. Depending on what kind of 'bartender' you are the kitchen may be a mess by the end of it, but trust us, it's worth it.  

It’ll give you a chance to slow down

Before you reach for that first drink, you'll be able check in with yourself for a moment - are you choosing this drink because it’s really what you want, or is it out of habit, boredom, sadness or tiredness, or even just a rush to decide? If it’s any of the latter, then a alchohol-free cocktail might well be just the tonic you need.

You wont feel hungover 

This should almost go without saying, however, the magic of sprinting out of bed on a Sunday not feeling like the world is spinning beneath you is not to be underestimated. How often have you lost an entire day to a hangover? Often people enjoy the relaxed sensation that they feel after one drink, but by number two or three it’s simply a continuation. With mindful cocktails, that's not a problem.

You’ll be more present 

Whether you’re a loveable drunk, a barely ever drunk or a three's-the-limit kind of drinker, the chances are that alcohol will be having an impact on your relationships. Sticking to mindful cocktails allows you to pay more attention to what’s going elsewhere in the room; the more alcohol you consume, the less likely you are to be really taking in what the friend or loved one is saying. 

You’ll try new things

Although there are plenty of classic cocktail alternatives out there, choosing mindful cocktails gives you the opportunity to play with new tastes and flavours, often taking you out of your comfort zone and into pastures new. And you never know, your new favourite drink could be right around the corner…

A mindful cocktails recipe we love:


This Gingembre cocktail, designed by La Maison Wellness, pairs zingy ginger with the vanilla and saffron notes of Everleaf, a bittersweet aperitif made with a blend of botanicals. Zesty and refreshing, it's the perfect tipple to kick off your weekend with. 

See the recipe

Next time you find yourself zoning straight in on a glass of wine, take a step back and looks at the factors influencing your drinking experience - primarily, the what you're drinking, the why you're drinking and the what’s going on around you. Could you enjoy it more with a mindful cocktail instead of a high ABV one? We bet you could. 

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