Is It Time Your Career Had A Wellness Overhaul?

By Sophie Clyde-Smith
Apr 23, 2018
Is It Time Your Career Had A Wellness Overhaul?
 One of the key ingredients to feeling fulfilled and content in your chosen career is to work for a company, and in an industry, that you truly believe in. For a growing community of people – this is the wellness sector. 
So what is the biggest mistake people make when they search for a career in this area? For many, it’s a lack of knowledge and understanding of how to actually construct a job search. 
So here it is – the basic structure of how to construct a successful search for career in wellness: 
Stage 1: The Foundation Level  
Define the journey you’re embarking on.  
Create some positive habits - it’s all about your mindset.  
Get to know yourself! What are your personal values? How can you use these in the search?  
If you don’t know what you want, how are you going to achieve it?  

Stage 2: The Search, Research and Experiment Level  
Keep your eyes, ears and heart open and be ready to read the road signs.  
Scan the wellness scene for inspiration and new ideas. 
Get networking by attending relevant events and connecting with like-minded people. 
Experiment! This will help de-risk the transition for you. You don't want to spend time and energy moving into a new role only to find out it’s not for you.  
Stage 3: The Toolkit 
Upgrade that CV by including all the awesome activities, events, volunteering and projects you’ve been involved in. Refine your personal brand by updating your LinkedIn profile to show your interest in wellness. If you have a blog or a relevant Instagram account, include links on your CV.  
Check back in with Stage 1 and keep on track.  
Stage 4: Take Action! 
Proactively reach out to people that inspire you and companies you really connect with. 
Be prepared for all those interviews.  
Be prepared to possibly be turned down, and persist anyway!  
Welltodo’s mission is to help people build incredible businesses and careers in wellness. We are launching an amazing new course called Work In Wellness: an 8 week course to help you launch a career in wellness.  
To find out more about our careers services and our online course, email the Welltodo Careers Manager Sophie Clyde-Smith on  

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