Three Pillars of #GirlGains MessageĀ 

By GirlGains
Apr 18, 2018
Three Pillars of #GirlGains MessageĀ 
#GirlGains, you’ve probably heard of the movement… but what actually is it and what does it stand for?! If you're not already part of the #girlgains movement, then I hope that this article and our follow-up talk at Balance festival inspires you to be.

In a sentence #girlgains is "a movement which aims to unite women, create a community and educate, empower and inspire them to become the best versions of themselves".

The movement has rapidly grown from a hashtag to local and global events, ambassadors in different countries, a BBC podcast and even TV features. We never quite anticipated this when we first started out almost four years ago, but we put it down to the genuine passion we have for the everything #girlgains embodies.

The main focuses of #girlgains are not only fitness and nutrition, we discuss a variety of different "gains" that women can make. Sure they can gain strength, health and fitness; but they can also gain happiness, positivity, self love, confidence and ambition. We want to make women feel good about every aspect of their lives, we want to change their mindsets and we want to inspire them to better themselves every single day. Not only this, but we want to encourage them to support other women to do the same. At our core, we are a community.

There are three key principles of #girlgains:

> Balance. We advocate a balanced, stainable approach to fitness which avoids extremes. All three of us have experienced more harsh fitness approaches, including Vic fighting through an eating disorder and Tally obsessively counting her calories and macros. Having learnt from our own mistakes, we spread a message of moderation not deprivation.

> Self-acceptance. We believe that true power comes from learning to accept yourself and love yourself, unconditionally. It is tough, its a journey, one we have all taken; but we want to empower others to take the first step on this path. Ultimately we want to bring women to a point of self-acceptance where they love themselves so much that they don’t even spend time thinking about their appearance; they have much bigger things to give their time to!

> Positivity. We believe that we rise by lifting others. We use #girlgains to encourage women to spread positivity to others around them. To support them, compliment them and celebrate them. A truly confident and content woman is one who can notice (and applaud) another womans success or beauty, without doubting her own. Your vibe attracts your tribe and by spreading good vibes to those in your environment, they will be reflected right back at you.

We are a movement created by women, for women, to empower women; and are incredibly passionate about our message. Catch us at Balance Festival this year in The LAB, where we will be giving a talk on exactly this! 

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