Discover The Mouth Ritual That Makes For A Healthier You

Apr 12, 2019
Discover The Mouth Ritual That Makes For A Healthier You
When you think about your health and wellbeing, how much priority do you give your mouth? Let’s be honest, it’s probably less than you give to your diet or exercise. Often, it seems, our mouths can get a bit forgotten, not getting quite the same amount of care we give to the rest of our bodies.
And yet, new studies reveal that our mouths play an important role in our overall health, acting as a gateway to the rest of the body in much the same way as the gut does.
This is because our mouths contain an impressive number of bacteria - some good, some bad – known as the oral microbiome. It’s maintaining the natural balance of these bacteria that is key to keeping our mouths, teeth, gums, and ultimately the rest of us, healthy.

Think of it as your mouth-body connection. When your mouth’s bacteria is out of balance, caused by stress, hormonal changes, poor toothbrushing habits or other factors, it can result issues such as mouth ulcers and gum inflammation which can in turn be linked to more systemic health problems.
So, just as you strengthen your body, you should also take steps to strengthen your mouth.

A quick and easy way to give your mouth some TLC is to add a calming and centering mouth ritual to your everyday routine.
Ready to try it? There are five simple steps to follow:

Step one: Take five deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth; enjoy taking a moment to stop and relax.
Step two: Take a mouthful of warm water and swill it gently around the mouth for 30 seconds, making sure to reach all areas, such as the bottom of gums and the back of the tongue.
Step three: Now that your mouth is warm and relaxed, you are perfectly primed to massage your mouth and jaw, which will help to release any tension.
Make your hands into fists and firmly drag them down your face, starting from the top of the cheekbones by the ear and moving down towards your mouth, following a line just beneath the cheekbones.
Step four: Take five big, deep yawns in a row, to stretch your jaw muscles out. Follow these yawns with five shoulder rolls, to extend this relaxation into the neck and the back.
Step five: Lastly, it’s time to brush; think carefully about which toothpaste you choose.
Soon to launch in the UK, Zendium reinforces the health of your mouth using natural enzymes and proteins which boost the good bacteria in the mouth while reducing the bad*, keeping the mouth in balance.
After brushing, run your tongue across your teeth and gums to replenish the protective conditioning film - a layer that keeps your mouth healthy.
You’ll find these five simple steps are a quick and easy way of reviving a stale mouth and relieving built up tension. It’s surprising how consciously paying attention to your oral health and embracing routines that work in harmony with your body can make a big difference.
For more wellbeing rituals and oral health hacks, be sure to visit the Zendium “2 minutes of Zen” stand at Balance Festival from 10-12 May at the Old Truman Brewery, London.
If you can’t wait that long, be sure to check out @Zendium on Instagram and for more tips on how to boost your good bacteria and get your mouth in balance, day and night.
*Refers to the gum health and gum problems associated bacterial species in dental plaque which changed significantly over a 14-week clinical study with 102 subject

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